Nairobi, Sergio Mattarella visits an AVSI school in Kenya: 13,500 students have graduated from various courses since 1994

Nairobi, Sergio Mattarella visits an AVSI school in Kenya: 13,500 students have graduated from various courses since 1994


NAIROBI – The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, accompanied by his daughter Laura, visited the St.Kizito professional institute in Githurai, on the outskirts of Nairobi, created by AVSI in 1994 thanks to the funds of Italian cooperation. AVSI is a Non Governmental Organization born in Cesena in 1972, engaged in more than 200 development cooperation projects in 38 countries. St. Kizito aims to provide the most vulnerable young people with practical and theoretical skills to enter the world of work. From 1994 to today, 13,500 students have graduated in various courses, including carpentry, mechanics, information technology, hairdressing and catering. About 800 young people graduate each year, 89% of whom find work.

Initiatives that create development. The visiting President was accompanied by Edmondo Cirielli, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; Roberto Natali, Ambassador of Italy in Kenya; Giovanni Grandi, director of AICS in Nairobi; Giampaolo Silvestri, AVSI General Secretary and Silvia D’Ovidio, Head of Strategy, Governance and Institutional Relations Res4Africa. “These realities, such as the St. Kizito Institute, are fundamental because they favor the flourishing of local initiatives and create real development for Kenya’s young people” underlined President Sergio Mattarella.

Training for thousands of young people. “St. Kizito is a case of success because thanks to the contribution of the Italian Cooperation we have created a professional training center which has trained thousands of young people over the years who have found a job in the world of work. – said Giampaolo Silvestri, secretary general of the NGO AVSI – Projects like this are successful because they bring together NGOs, businesses and authorities according to a multi-stakeholder model typical of Italian Cooperation.” “Here at St.Kizito I have the opportunity to continue my studies using modern equipment, I am learning by experimenting every day in the classroom and in the laboratory, I feel I am building my career and my future.” – Grace, student at St. Kizito Institute.

Renewable energy projects. The President’s visit took place inside the electronics and mechanics laboratories. The electronics laboratory can currently count on an innovative program, the Micro-Grid Academy, which trains qualified professionals capable of implementing renewable energy solutions. AVSI and Res4Africa have established the Micro Grid Academy as part of the Private Sector and Innovative Energy Technologies Development initiative in Kenya, funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS).

Modern furniture and Italian design. The visit ended at the Italian Design Furniture company, which offers carpentry students from St. Kizito a laboratory where they can hone their practical skills and gain experience in the labor market. The company creates quality modern furniture using precious woods from the African continent with an Italian design. Italian Design Furniture also offers internship opportunities to carpentry students, as well as 70 private entities with which St. Kizito collaborates to facilitate students’ integration into the world of work.


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