Microsoft unveils 365 Copilot: the AI ​​will write Word documents and summarize Teams meetings

Microsoft unveils 365 Copilot: the AI ​​will write Word documents and summarize Teams meetings

The $10 billion invested by Microsoft in Open AIthe San Francisco startup he created ChatGptare starting to bear fruit. After revitalizing its search engine, Bingthe Redmond company is planning to inject generative AI even in the popular software that is part of the Microsoft 365 package: from Word to Excel, up to PowerPoint and Outlook.

The new enhanced suite, unveiled during an event entitled “The Future of Work with AI”it will be called Microsoft 365 Copilot. The 'co-pilot', in this case, will be artificial intelligence, which will place itself at the service of man, or rather of users, to increase productivity. During the event, Microsoft has shown how the AI ​​is able to synthesize a multiple email exchange or how it is able to summarize a conversation that took place on Teams.

The new functions, at the moment, are being tested and accessible to a small number of customers. But following the announcement Microsoft stock immediately grew by 3.6% on the stock exchange. Investors seem intent on rewarding the efforts of the company led by Satya Nadella, who on the artificial intelligence front it's moving faster than Google.

Just Big G has recently announced the future integration of its AI into Google Workspace, the 'package' which also includes Gmail and Docs, the 'documents' stored in the cloud. You can ask the AI ​​to summarize an email, for example, or to correct or rewrite the text of a document.

The event

In Paris, we saw Google's most advanced AI. And we found out how Bard will work

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But Google's generative AI, called Bardat the moment it is still a mysterious object. The CEO of the company, Sundar Pichai, had announced it in early February, promising a test phase and then an opening to the public within "weeks". Instead, thanks to some unforeseen events, Bard's debut seems to have strayed. On the contrary, the "new Bing" powered by ChatGpt, which provided a waiting list for those who wanted to use it, now seems to be open to everyone.

“There have been many moments in human history that have marked key turning points in the growth of knowledge enabled by technology,” Nadella said as he introduced Microsoft 365 Copilot. I am thinking of the birth of the mouse, the launch of the internet, videoconferences but also the arrival of the iPhone. These innovations have increasingly narrowed the differences between humans and computers. Today we are starting a new era, a further step towards an even deeper symbiosis".

The case

Some Bing answers are starting to scare. And not for their accuracy

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Microsoft's intentions are clear, but the knot to untie always remains the same: users will be able to rely on a form of 'responsible' artificial intelligence? Or will we see what has already happened with ChatGpt and Bing itself, which responded to provocative questions and requests, in some cases, using violent language or producing fake news and criminal strategies?

The risk, among other things, grows when the capabilities of these chatbots increase exponentially. Just now we are going through a growth phase: Open AI has just launched Gpt-4, its most powerful algorithm, distinguished by a new multimodality: it is able to handle, unlike the previous Gpt-3.5, text input but also image input

New version

GPT-4, the artificial intelligence of OpenAI becomes even more powerful

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“The AI ​​we've been working on is different than in the past. It gives us the opportunity to help people by putting them at the center of a product. But it will depend on us. As a company, we feel we have to work on responsible AI, to give the community powerful but balanced tools,” Satya Nadella said in this regard. "In the development of artificial intelligence, we must follow the social, cultural and legal norms of a democratic environment" added the CEO of Microsoft.

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