Memory of Sergio Ramelli at Itis Molinari in Milan, controversy over the presence of FdI undersecretary Frassinetti

Memory of Sergio Ramelli at Itis Molinari in Milan, controversy over the presence of FdI undersecretary Frassinetti

There is controversy on the eve of the anniversary of the death of the student Sergio Ramelli over the announced presence of the Undersecretary of Education and deputy of the Brothers of Italy Paola Frassinetti in the Itis Molinari, the Crescenzago institute that the young man attended militant barred to death in 1975. A repeated presence, that of Frassinetti, even in past years.

The news was communicated to students and families by a circular from the school principal Davide Bonetti: "On Monday 13 March 2023 the Hon. Paola Frassinetti, undersecretary of State to the Ministry of Education and Merit, will come to Molinari – with a delegate of the Metropolitan City of Milan and a parliamentary representation - to pay homage to the student's memory Molinari Sergio Ramelli, barbarously killed by students of the Faculty of Medicine (as subsequently ascertained in the trial) in the period of the so-called "years of lead", marked by a tragic spiral of political violence. On 13 March 1975, in fact, Ramelli was attacked in his home and hit with wrenches, remaining in a coma until his death on April 29 of the same year. At the entrance of the our library has placed a plaque in memory of this event, which brings us back to a dramatic period, in which in the classrooms of Molinari, as in many other places in the city and of the whole country, a political clash of unheard-of violence was taking place, which led to identify in those who thought differently an enemy to be eliminated".

Fausto and Iaio quoted by La Russa in the Senate, the association of family and friends: "It was an assassination by the extreme right"

by Luca DeVito

In the same press release, the principal explains: "To remember that event means, today, at quasi 50 years later, renew a retainer NO to violence in general, and in particular to that of a political nature, reinforcing the value of dialogue and respectful confrontation, in the wake of the fundamental principles sanctioned by ours Constitution, a task that the school, and in particular Molinari, feels as its own andessential in the education of young people".

"In the past years I have repeatedly proposed to name the school after Ramelli, but given my role as undersecretary today I have no intention of pursuing this idea immediately because there is a whole procedure to follow and I do not intend to force the times - explains Frassinetti - At the moment I will only go to the school on Monday morning to bring a flower under the plaque commemorating Sergio Ramelli, the innocent victim of a bloody season. A representative of the metropolitan city will also be with me. Then I will also go to the school that Fausto attended Tinelli, another victim of that ferocious season". The reference is to Fausto and Iaio, the two young frequenters of the Leoncavallo social center killed on March 18, 1978.

Offensive writings against Sergio Ramelli on the walls of a school in Milan: "Useless idiots, shame on them"

by Andrea Montanari

But the news of the arrival of the FdI deputy is enough to ignite the debate between the parents, messages of concern circulate in the school chats. And so the controversies begin even outside the school. "Instead of dealing with school problems, he dedicates himself to political militancy on the far right as in the days of the Youth Front, today Student Action, that is, those who beat up children in front of schools - reads a statement from Anti-Fascist Memory -. The circular of the school manager in harmony with the honorable only remembers the fallen fascist and forgets the many comrades killed by the fascists in our city. The workers of the schools in Milan believe it is important to denounce such a serious fact given that the commemoration of Ramelli's death is exploited by post-fascist parties for their political propaganda and it is even more serious that this can happen in a public school by a member of the government.With the two-day meeting today and tomorrow which brings together the main far-right groups at the of the Patriots Network in Piazza Aspromonte, the ground is being prepared for next April 29 in order to return to the parade Nazi-Fascist that we thought was closed by now. Political forces, trade unions, Anpi, Aned, associations, movements and all the anti-fascists must compete to prevent the usual black April from happening again in our city.

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