Meloni to government on aid for floods in Emilia-Romagna -

Meloni to government on aid for floods in Emilia-Romagna -

Lotteries and crime goods auctioned for money. The premier for the Emilian president

ROME We have to scrape the bottom of the barrel. this was the input that Giorgia Meloni gave to the entire government team ahead of today's meeting. The Council of Ministers, convened to approve i first steps intended for relieve discomfort of the thousands of people affected by the flood in Emilia-Romagna, will start at 11 and could last several hours. Undersecretary Alfredo Mantovano, who closed yesterday with the premier for a river meeting, asked all the department holders to arrive with their proposals for solutions and funds to be allocated. Meloni has seen or heard from almost all the ministers, he has spoken with the mayors of the affected municipalities and with President Bonaccini. The draft decree that circulated yesterday is therefore destined to bleaching and additions. The most important and expected is there final digit of the money that the government will be able to commit to deal with the emergency, the seriousness of which the premier personally realized on Sunday.

The unofficial estimates they talk about at least five billion in damages, maybe you are. And the first allocation to be approved by the CDM should exceed 300 million, 100 of which identified by Minister Lollobrigida to revive agriculture. Salvini has released 1.7 million for urgent interventions in small municipalities and 1.35 to fix law enforcement buildings. The bulk will come from EU Solidarity Fund and Minister Urso urges us to act quickly: it is right that Italy can access it. The numbers dance, the certainty of the figures will only exist with the go-ahead from Economy Minister Giorgetti and with the stamp of the dl. In front of people and companies that have lost everything 300 million is a drop in the bucket, but the first intervention. The premier's strategy, convinced that many resources will be needed, is to act in two distinct phases, first guarantee relief and then think about
reconstruction. These two chapters also give the title to an issue that agitates the government: the appointment of the commissioner.

According to majority sources, Meloni has already decided to entrust the emergency to Stefano Bonaccini, who today will have an interview with you at Palazzo Chigi and whose appointment is welcome by the trade unions and businesses. The League for brakes. Salvini has no sympathy for the president of Emilia-Romagna and could fight in the CDM with the argument that the flood has also hit the Marches. On the contrary, many in the coalition think that appointing Bonaccini would make it possible to share the huge responsibility that the government is facing. But the League does not give up and has obtained that the reconstruction commissioner, who will be appointed in a few weeks, will certainly not be from the Democratic Party. In the meantime, the CDM could appoint two other commissioners, the manager and former senator Maurice Castro to the INPS and the general secretary of the Ugl, Paul Capone, at Inail. Two texts will arrive on the large round table. The first a resolution that extends to the province of Rimini the state of emergency with respect to the wave of 4 May. The second the flood decree real. The Mef has finalized the rules for the suspension of tax terms, the mortgage freeze until 30 November, the stop of administrative processes and the refinancing of the National Emergency Fund (Fen). The premier and minister Fitto have said that the billions of the Pnrr will not be used, but Giorgetti will ask to verify if it is possible to move to Emilia-Romagna money related to
hydrogeological instability which have not yet been committed. Minister Calderone hopes that the CDM will also approve the suspension of social security contributions and the unions are pushing for the redundancy fund in devastated companies.

In the decree, in addition to recovery of missed competitionsare provided a fund for the didactic continuity, the reorganization of state exams and the guarantee fund for companies. In the draft, a rule appears that exempts public employees who, due to the flood, cannot work even in smartworking: they will get the same salary. There may also be a contribution to pay rent and a rule to gnaw at more money from lotteries and the sale of seized luxury cars to crime. Matteo Renzi has proposed to reopen the mission unit for the fight against hydrogeological instability, Italia Sicura, which was canceled by Count I. And Minister Pichetto Fratin opens a window: an instrument, let's take it into consideration.

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