Meloni passes the CGIL test: for her a round of applause and few objections

Meloni passes the CGIL test: for her a round of applause and few objections

The prime minister speaks at the trade union congress. The only predictable unscheduled event is a group of delegates who left the hall singing Bella ciao. For the rest, the discipline imposed by Landini worked

Rimini, from our correspondent. She gets off the stage even taking some applause. Giorgia Meloni speaks for 33 minutes in front of the CGIL delegates. "I thank all the union for the invitation. I also thank those who contest me, in some cases with effective slogans that I have read from the agencies: think of yourself unwelcome. Effective slogan. even if I didn't know that Chiara Ferragni was a metalworker...", he says from the stage. The discipline imposed by Maurizio Landini worked: no one interrupts the premier, there are no boos at her address. She speaks and the audience listens to her in church silence. The only predictable unscheduled as soon as Meloni took the stage is a group of delegates who started singing Hello beautiful, to then leave the room in protest, one calls her a racist. Perhaps in the end Carlo Calenda was more contested yesterday.

On the merits Meloni plays on the register of unity, of working together, of being able to disagree. With a not bad coup of communication, the Prime Minister illustrates the fiscal delegation approved yesterday in points. Then the juice of the intervention revolves around the abolition of the Citizenship Income for those who can work. The delegates don't bat an eye. Meloni closes by relaunching the consultation. Then he disappears from the scene to lock himself in a room with Maurizio Landini. The only applause during Meloni's speech comes when he mentions the assault "by the extreme right on the CGIL".

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