Meloni-Macron, the (fragile) truce in view of the European elections-

Meloni-Macron, the (fragile) truce in view of the European elections-

Of Marco Galluzzo

The meeting at the G7 in Hiroshima was useful in redefining the basis of a future relationship after the repeated accusations made against the Italian government by French politicians

It could be called one pragmatic truce, perhaps fragile, all to be verified in the coming months, but sealed by the participation of the president of the European Commission and even by the German Chancellor. After all, the adjective that Emmanuel Macron used several times to define his intentions, his desire to set up the relationship with our country, the possible convergences between Paris and Rome is pragmatic.

If they are roses they will flourish, but that scarce hour spent together with Hiroshima, on the sidelines of the G7 summit, between Giorgia Meloni and the French president, not only served for the umpteenth clarification between the two after the repeated accusations made against the Italian government by French politicians. also been useful in redefining the basis of a future relationshipof a path of no belligerence until the Europeans.

The understanding between the two presidents was based on the shared answerand negative, to a common question: Should we keep fighting for another year? It doesn't matter who took the first step, count that in the rooms overlooking the Hiroshima bay in the end Meloni and Macron found themselves in agreement on an analysis that could mark a turning point in the troubled relationship between the two capitals.

The French president has assured that he wants to stay out of the electoral contest, and the related controversies, and that he will do everything to suggest moderation to the most aggressive transalpine ministers against the Italian right. Meloni replied that she hopes so, also because she is consequences would be very negative not only for relations between the two states, but also for the entire European Union.

And in fact on this basis, in various moments of the G7 meeting last week, the confrontation between the two widened to involve both Ursula von der Leyen That Olaf Schoz. Remnants of short and anomalous European Councils in reduced format in the pauses of the international summit. The substance some sort of collective invitation to common sense, which involved both Berlin (which is showing more and more interest in the Mattei Plan that Meloni has put in the pipeline) and the leaders of the EU: there are too many open fronts, of a strategic nature, which concern the future and the unity of the EU, from energy to industrial autonomy, from relations with China to Ukraineto start a political war that between now and the electoral appointment could compromise the definition of many dossiers.

After all, Macron himself to recognize that there are many points of convergence between the two countries to compromise them with the electoral skirmishes of the future European Parliament: on the Stability Pact with Paris we are playing the same battle, certainly on defense investments; on the future of the EU the Italian go-ahead for majority decisions on foreign policy has distanced Rome from the Visegrad countries and brought the Meloni government closer to the mainstream community; on the subject of migrants Meloni and Macron have the same goals on the Tunisian dossierand they could go together to Tunis.

If calling it an exaggerated deal, talk about one shared political route perhaps more appropriate. Although no one is under any illusions that other episodes of very aggressive electoral campaign will again involve relations between various EU states. Just as it is clear that since the French president himself cannot be re-elected, he will have less and less weight, as time goes by, on the internal politics of his country. But at least a containment network, for the next few cases, has been drawn up.

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