Meloni lies about the Mes. But the worst is that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about

Meloni lies about the Mes.  But the worst is that she doesn't know what she's talking about


It wasn’t the most suitable day to make proclamations against the Mes. After Credit Suisse collapsed on the stock market and claimed help from the Swiss central bank, while the lists of Italian and European banks plummeted and the ECB asked all institutions to communicate their exposure to the Swiss bank, Giorgia Meloni in Parliament blocked the reform that introduces the backstop to the single resolution fund which serves precisely to stem banking crises. But al timing more than inappropriate, the prime minister added contradictory and inconsistent arguments. To justify the choice not to ratify the reform of the Mes, already approved by all the other countries of the Eurozone, the prime minister is forced to lie and take an inconsistent position. She gets poked during the question time to the Chamber by Luigi Marattin (Third pole): “You said ‘We are waiting for Germany’, then Germany ratified. Then you said ‘We are waiting for Croatia’ and Croatia ratified. When do we ratify the Mes?”. And Meloni resorts to a blatant lie: “Last November – says the premier – this government received a mandate from Parliament, not to wait for Germany”.

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