Meloni-Landini, a mutual listening that legitimizes two interpreters -

Meloni-Landini, a mutual listening that legitimizes two interpreters -

Of Massimo Franco

The trade unionists who exhibited the teddy bears to commemorate the massacre of migrants in Cutro and the government's mistakes were actually protesting against the prime minister but also against those who invited her

The two protagonists of congress of the CGIL
They were Giorgia Meloni
and Maurizio Landini. The first time not only for a Prime Minister after twenty-seven years of Romano Prodi's presence, but for a right-wing premier, marks a first point in his favor. The second was the respectful way, without diplomacy, with which he faced a hostile assembly. But her decision to participate in the congress also stems from the union leader's ability first to bring together the opposition, then to invite an institution considered politically distant. was a skilful way to legitimize the CGIL as a place of dialogue in the first place. The trade unionists who put teddy bears on their desks to remember the massacre of migrants, including children, by Cutro and the government's mistakes, were actually protesting against the prime minister but also against those who invited her. And paradoxically they underlined the controversial strength of Landini's gesture, not just the presence of Meloni. The declared minimal objective was to listen in order to be heard.

The theme is destined to rebound repeatedly in a season of social tensions and contrasted economic measures. Perhaps, however, in addition to mutual listening between the government and the trade unions, something more can also be glimpsed, at least in the field of the opposition. Meanwhile, who is with whom and who is not willing to do so has emerged more clearly: just think of Carlo Calenda's negative attitude towards an alliance with Pd and M5S and Nicola Fratoianni's left, singled out as incompatible. On the other hand, from basic income to foreign policy, the distances remain considerable: on sending military aid to Ukraine, Calenda at the antipodes of grillini and the extreme left. But the largest union is a candidate to closely follow and help with its organization, albeit less powerful than in the past, a convergence between the left and the M5S; and on a markedly radical agenda, like the one outlined by Elly Schlein's Democratic Party.

Landini tried to reassure the prime minister by arguing that the CGIL does not belong to the opposition. Perhaps he couldn't say anything else: they are divided, and it cannot be ruled out that a fraction of the members are attracted by some right-wing issues. But the attempt to recover a role that favors an alternative to the current government coalition; and in any case to accompany the crossing in the desert of minorities. The idea of ​​putting them all together on stage was already a step: whether it's forward or backward, we'll see.

March 17, 2023 (change March 17, 2023 | 20:23)

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