Meloni: "A solid majority, I have a 5-year horizon. Schlein? He doesn't distinguish dissent from censorship"

Meloni: "A solid majority, I have a 5-year horizon. Schlein? He doesn't distinguish dissent from censorship"

"I'm not Italy spaghetti and mandolin that says yes and smiles in the photos and then gets screwed everything or tries to screw you". And again: "I am the head of a solid majority, I give myself a 5-year horizon". Speak across the board, the premier Giorgia Meloni. Interviewed by Quarta Repubblica, on Rete 4, the prime minister defended the government's choices on Rai and the Corte dei Conti, sparing no criticism of the opposition. Elly Schlein - he says - "he does not distinguish dissent from censorship". The reference is to Minister Roccella's protest at the Turin Book Fair. "The left continues to say that you are authoritarian in everything, they tell you that you are authoritarian if Fazio decides to leave Rai to go to work elsewhere where they pay him more, they say that you are authoritarian if at the parade on 2 June the military raise their hand to greet the rostrum as they always have, they tell you that you are authoritarian even if you complain because there are people who prevent a minister from presenting his family history book at a book fair".

Interviewed by Nicola Porro, the premier responds to the controversies raised after the government decided to limit the supervisory activity of the Court of Auditors on the Pnrr. "I quietly observe that we are doing what the previous government did." And she attacks: "They - she says referring to the opposition - say that there is an authoritarian drift on the Court of Auditors which continues to carry out the checks, makes the six-monthly report and no one has put a gag on it". So, no censorship. Indeed, you relaunched by attacking the left "run out of arguments". "We are dismantling the story of an authoritarian right, unable to govern, and we are demonstrating in Italy and beyond the national borders that there is a credible, reliable right, capable of governing and which achieves results that others do not achieve".

As for the war in Ukraine, Meloni says that "we must continue to work for peace" and that it is "a significant part of our work in Parliament, but provided that the word peace is not confused with an invasion". The premier also spoke of tomorrow's visit to Tunis, where she will meet the president Kais Saied. "Tunisia is in trouble today. It is experiencing a very delicate situation because it risks a financial default and clearly if the Tunisian government goes down we will experience an absolutely worrying scenario. And it is on this scenario that we are working on". The scenario Meloni talks about concerns the increase in migratory flows departing from the North African country: "we found ourselves in a situation that is objectively the worst that has ever occurred", thanks - he explained - "everything that happens in Turkey , Syria, Afghanistan, with the food crisis, Libya and Tunisia".

On relations with France (tomorrow Sergio Matterella will fly to Paris) assured that relations "are necessarily solid". You then distanced yourself from the alleged "reading that certain observers do on international politics, as if it were something for teenagers, as if we don't talk to each other or greet each other ...". Finally, on the statements of the French Minister of the Interior, very critical of Italy, he clarified: "It was a significant mistake. It was annoying but one must have the lucidity to distinguish politics and relations between parties and those between governments ".

On the labor chapter, the prime minister defends the choices made by the executive, especially with regard to the decree of May 1st. "We are not placing precarious jobs and the data prove it", among other things "especially thanks to the stable contracts of women: we are filling a gap and for me this is an extraordinary result". Regarding the stop to basic income, Meloni highlighted that "the only true social lift that exists in the world is work, it is the only condition that allows you to improve, here too we have distinguished who could work from who could not and we have left assistance for those who are unable to work and for those who can, we have pre-established the conditions for them to emerge from their condition of poverty".

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