“Me and Schlein roommates. But she's never there..."- Corriere.it

“Me and Schlein roommates.  But she's never there..."- Corriere.it

The vice president of the Democratic Party who has lived under the same roof with the secretary since the beginning of the term. But soon both will find another solution

If on the right the Undersecretary of Justice Andrea Delmastro and the deputy Giovanni Donzelli live under the same roof, also on the left there is a case of coexistence that attracts the spotlights. Also because it concerns the leaders of the Democratic Party. "In Rome, Elly Schlein and I are roommates, we'll stay together until the end of the month, it's a shared but temporary accommodation as often happens to parliamentarians". The vice president of the Pd Chiara Gribaudo tells it to Rai Radio1, guest of Un Giorno da Pecora, interviewed by Giorgio Lauro and Geppi Cucciari. The hosts want to know if both will leave the house or only one of them will. «We'll both go away» is Gribaudo's reply. The two leading women of the dem summit have lived together since the beginning of the legislature. «From October or November«. Is it a big house? «No, it's two rooms, a bathroom and a kitchenette. But anyway she's never there and I'm not there too often». Which of the two does the shopping? "Neither of us has time to do it." Will you go to live on her behalf? «Let's see, the problem is that we don't have much time to search. As usual - Gribaudo concluded in Un Giorno da Pecora - we will manage».

The chat with the deputy continues on political issues. The caciques of the Democratic Party are those a little advanced in years? «Generally it is difficult for our generations to have this approach, I say it clearly. And then there is a physiological dimension of those who have been in politics for many years and who therefore consolidate relationships". The interviewers then ask if Vincenzo De Luca is a possible «cacique», quoting the words of Jasmine Cristallo. "We'll check it out," replies Gribaudo. And could Dario Franceschini be a cacique? «He is a current leader, it is clear, but he seems to me to have redistributed power».

March 16, 2023 (change March 16, 2023 | 17:22)

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