Maria Giovanna Maglie died

Maria Giovanna Maglie died

The journalist, essayist and television pundit was 70 years old. In the past you had also collaborated with il Foglio. In recent years you had approached the sovereignty of Matteo Salvini's League

The journalist died last night at the age of 70 Maria Giovanna Maglie. To announce it, on social networks, Francesca Chaouqui. ''My friends Maria Giovanna Maglie returned to the Father's House this morning. She was taken to San Camillo Forlanini last night for a venous complication and she passed away just now. I was next to her, she fought to the end as always. She now she is at peace''.

Maglie had begun her career at the Unit, as a correspondent in the countries of Latin America. But in 1989 she had resigned from the newspaper founded by Antonio Gramsci due to differences with respect to the line of the Italian Communist Party after the fall of the Berlin Wall. After that, she began her journalistic career in Rai. In particular on Tg2. First as a Gulf War correspondent, then as a correspondent from New York.

Subsequently she was also a collaborator of the Foglio, as well as the Giornale and Radio Radicale. Among his works are a biography of Oriana Fallaci, an essay written with Marcello Pera and Giuseppe Caldarola in defense of Israel and a portrait of Donald Trump at the time of his election as president of the United States.

In recent years he had embraced many of the sovereignist theses of Matteo Salvini and the National League. “Entering the government is the most sovereign move that Salvini can make. It is the most patriotic. It is a duty, ”she told Foglio at the time of the Northern League's accession to the Draghi government, in one of the last interviews granted.

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