Marevivo and the Navy together to face the climate crisis

Marevivo and the Navy together to face the climate crisis

To tackle the climate crisis, Marevivo, as part of the Agreement with the Navy and the Dohrn Foundationlaunched this morning, at its national headquarters on the Tiber, the international campaign "Only One: One Planet, One Ocean, One Health", created with the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security and the Ministry of Civil Protection and Marine Policies, on the occasion of the departure of the Palinuro School Ship from the Port of La Spezia for its educational trip to Italy and in the Mediterranean. The campaign, born for sensitize citizens and institutions on the urgency of implementing the ecological transitionbegan with preparatory meetings in the prestigious Navy schools, to involve and make the crews and students who will be on board the ships protagonists and will continue with conferences in some of the stages of the sailing ship tour and a traveling exhibition of 11 panels, set up on the Palinuro School Ship.

The exhibition, which can also be visited at the national headquarters in Marevivo, is mainly focused on themes of energy, ecological and food transition, on the concept of circular economy, on plastic pollution and on the warming of seas and oceans. The goal is to create more and more awareness of the fact that our health, like that of all living beings, depends on the harmony between the living and non-living world and that human activities - such as the withdrawal of food resources, overfishing, intensive farming, habitat destruction and deforestation - have broken this harmony that we can only restore by working all together with a holistic approach, at different levels.

They attended the press conference Rosalba GiugniPresident Marevivo, Aurelius De CarolisFleet Admiral of the Navy Commander-in-Chief of the Naval Fleet, Ferdinand BoerVice-President Marevivo and President of the Dohrn Foundation and some representatives of the Marevivo Scientific Committee who, in collaboration with Symbola FoundationEdible Planet Ventures and the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome, in the person of Prof. Anthony Ragusa, curated the contents of the "Only One" exhibition. Ship Commander Palinuro, Mario Espositogreeted those present with a live video message from the Training Ship.

"Things are united by invisible ties: you can't pick a flower without disturbing a star, said Galileo Galilei. This is the leitmotif of the "Only One" communication and awareness campaign that we wanted to create together with partners of excellence - he declared Rosalba Giugni, President of Marevivo - Only through awareness can we think of facing the difficult future that humanity faces Drought and floods, two sides of the same coin, are the product of climate change to which we must find a solution to mitigate it the effects and, at the same time, to implement the ecological transition, a theme present in the exhibition that accompanies all phases of the campaign.We must try to stop that countdown which indicates the time of no return, which is given to us by 'IPCC (the panel made up of thousands of researchers from all over the world who monitor climate change). Six years, about two months and a handful of hours which, with the planet warming by more than 1.5 degrees, would lead us to catastrophe global."

"The Navy has been collaborating for some time with the Marevivo Association, with which it shares the great attention to all aspects of the maritime dimension, from the environmental ones to those linked to food and energy transitions. All issues that have a direct impact on the sustainability of the planet and on its security and stability at a global level.The support of the Navy to the "Only One: One Planet, One Ocean, One Health" information initiative, which will also be disseminated in international contexts as part of the summer campaigns, fits into this perspective of the Amerigo Vespucci and Palinuro sailing school ships." declared Admiral Aurelio De Carolis.

"If the European Union asks us for marine literacy, it means that we are illiterate. And with this campaign, we intend to promote it to as many people as possible. - said Ferdinando Boero, Vice-President Marevivo and President of the Dohrn Foundation. - There are good rules of conduct, but these must be included in a system that we must know and understand, otherwise we will not be able to evaluate whether what we propose works or not We work very hard to explore space, but we do not do the same to explore biodiversity, which we celebrate and whose importance we verbally recognize as vital to our very survival."

The campaign is carried out with the support of Beko Italia srl, an international household appliance brand that offers innovative solutions with respect for the planet. Under the banner of the "Live Like a Pro" claim, Beko embraces every area of ​​everyday life with products designed to offer a more sustainable lifestyle, thanks to high energy efficiency, the use of recycled components and attention to emergencies global issues such as that of the fight against microfiber pollution which sees the brand engaged in the front line. Another partner of the campaign is BAT Italia, a company committed to creating a better future, A Better Tomorrow™, through the reduction of its environmental impact and that of its business on health, with which Marevivo already collaborates through the project "Small Gestures, Big Crimini", to raise awareness among citizens and local administrations on littering, i.e. the abandonment of butts and small waste such as bottles, caps and receipts in the environment, and to collect useful data to understand and prevent the phenomenon.

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