Mare, "Avoiding fragmentation to ensure competitiveness"

Mare, "Avoiding fragmentation to ensure competitiveness"

To promote the competitiveness of the country system, in terms of the blue economy, it is necessary to avoid fragmentation and ensure that the subjects operating in the sector, but also the Government, aim to converge on common lines and actions. And the possibility of discussion offered by Cipom, the Interministerial Committee for Marine Policies, goes in the right direction. This is what was claimed by the vice president of Confindustria for the economy of the sea, Pasquale Lorusso, speaking in Gaeta at the 2nd National Summit on the economy of the sea blue forum.

Focus on convergence

«For competitiveness it is necessary to avoid fragmentation but to act towards convergence. This is what Confindustria did with its associations working on the Progetto Mare, presented in May 2022. There are many needs that have emerged but first of all we need to focus on infrastructures, which must be adequate throughout the national territory because we must bring the places closer together and not the other way around».

Convergence, he added, "is essential if we want to have a broader vision of the sea economy, in order to be able to define a more competitive integrated strategy, based on all the industrial, tertiary, tourist, environmental opportunities offered by the use and from the enhancement of the “sea resource”».

The role of Cipom is positive

Confindustria, therefore, he concluded, «has greatly appreciated the choice made by the new Government to set up the Ministry of Marine Policies and, subsequently, of Cipom. We are participating, very actively and concretely, in the various hearings scheduled by the committee, to fully support the initiative of drafting the Piano Mare, the three-year programmatic document on the economy of the sea", on which the ministry led by Nello Musumeci is working.

An appreciation of Cipom's role also came from Giovanni Acampora, president of Assonautica and Si.Camera: «Minister Musumeci - he said - has put in place a path by activating all the public and private energies of the country; and he is doing it through the establishment of Cipom and the Committee of experts of the technical structure of the mission. We are convinced of the need to go back to enhancing our great resource of the sea and to achieve ambitious goals we need all the actors of the sea".

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