Maradona, Facebook profile hacked: "I'm not dead" -

Maradona, Facebook profile hacked: "I'm not dead" -

Insult to Maradona's memory: Facebook profile hacked, Pel's photo, insults to Ronaldo and praises to Messi, mockery in bad taste

truly macabre what happened on the Facebook profile of
Diego Armando Maradona
died on November 25, 2020 in the apartment of Tigre, Argentina, in circumstances still to be clarified. the social memory of the Pibe de Oro has been profaned: his page, which has 12 million subscribers, has been held hostage by hackers for a few days, who have published several posts. And which obviously have nothing to do with the content published by those authorized to manage the profile. First of all, Maradona's profile picture has been changed, replaced with a photo of Pel. There is a recurring use of the hashtag #maradroga, making references to the past problems of one of the greatest champions in football history. And in one post it said: You know I faked my death, right?.

But many others are sneers in bad taste. Like the post in which the hacker (or hackers) makes fun of the myth of Diego, publishing a photo of the comedian Diogo Defante, or posts in which Messi is exalted and Cristiano Ronaldo offended. The confirmation of the many anomalies arrived on Instagram from one of Maradona's sons: We are sorry to inform you that Diego Maradona's official Facebook account has suffered a cyber attack. We are working to reverse this hack as soon as possible. We hereby repudiate the content of the publications.

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