Make it Superbonus. Accounting and government responsibilities

Make it Superbonus.  Accounting and government responsibilities

State accountant Mazzotta says that "it is essential to make ex ante assessments", after having blown the spending forecasts by 45 billion. The building bonuses will cost 22 billion a year until 2026: the tax policy of the Meloni government is mortgaged

"Equipping yourself with ex ante impact assessment models is essential". The words of the state accountant Biagio Mazzotta, at the end of the hearing on the effects of building bonuses, appeared almost trivial. But they are one of the most important lessons of the Superbonus disaster. The aim was certainly to issue a warning to politics ("with the scarcity of resources and the new Stability Pact we will have to work hard to stay within the deadlines"), but it was, in its own way, also a self-criticism of the Accounting Department for wild predictions.

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