Lucia Annunziata, oppositions arise. But the Pd accuses the of the directors

Lucia Annunziata, oppositions arise.  But the Pd accuses the of the directors


Of Adriana Logroscino

Compact on the presenter who leaves Rai, divided on the appointments. Schlein: «With a female premier, an even more male Rai». Conte: «We are interested in changing the law that bends the company to the will of the majority on duty»

On the day of appointments of magazine and genre directorsis the farewell of Lucy
to Rai to be welcomed by the opposition with a forest of criticisms. The passage, never painless, of the change at the top, however, also registers a glaring gap between the Pd, which voted against and thunders against «a Rai that becomes even more masculine with a female prime minister», as Elly Schlein saysand the M5S that abstaining from appointments to the Board of Directors is not decisive, however it manifests an openness to dialogue that is also claimed.

Conte: «The government applies the Renzi law. Now reform Rai»

«The vote of the director Alessandro Di Majo – in fact write the pentastellated members of the Rai Supervisory Commission – in line with the vote in the previous board of directors on the new managing director, expresses the will to avoid an a priori clash and to evaluate the next moves of the current governance and government in general. We await them at the test bench of the choices». The leader of the M5s Joseph Conte he is even more explicit: «We are only interested in a reform of the public service and for this reason we launched the states general in the autumn. Let’s work on it for the next legislature. It is useless to expect it from the government, which applies the unfortunate law wanted by Renzi to bend the company to the will of the majority on duty».

Schlein: «I feel closer to those who voted no»

Although the looming ballots induce prudence, the dem secretary cannot avoid commenting on Di Majo’s abstention on the board of directors: “I share the reasons of those who voted no to these appointments, I am closer to them”, says a guest of Pclean square on A7. Sandro Ruotolo, the information manager of the Pd, spoke of a “bad signal, an attitude that has certainly weakened us”. Easier for Davide Faraone of Italia viva to denounce another piece of the strategy of understanding with the majority in the position taken by the cinquestelle in the board of directors: «A new episode of the M5S epic against the Meloni government. Rai also fought like lions on the appointments, but in the end they had to give in. To be continued».

Annunziata’s resignation, compact oppositions: “Serious loss”

On the step back, politically motivated by Lucia Annunziata, however, the oppositions regroup. Schlein speaks of “very serious loss” and a Rai “occupied” by the government. “There is no strategic vision – concludes the secretary -, there is only a desire to control public television”. Chiara Braga, Pd group leader in Montecitorio, is also on the attack: “Pluralism in public service information is not a kind concession of whoever wins the elections.” Again for the Democratic Party of «hegemonic lust for the government» speaks Barbara Pollastrini, and of «the right that wants to dismantle Raitre», Stefano Graziano. Angelo Bonelli and Peppe De Cristofaro of Verdi e Sinistra fear a Rai “increasingly hostage of the majority on duty”, a “Tele Meloni”. “Power bulimia” is the risk for Daniela Ruffino of Action. Conte also traces Annunziata’s resignation, “loss of an expert professional”, to a system wanted by Renzi”.

The majority on the farewell of the presenter: free choice, good job

In the majority, on the other hand, although FdI minister Guido Crosetto says he is “sorry”, Annunziata is greeted without regrets. According to Attilio Balboni of FdI, the “free and voluntary resignations of personalities dear to the left like you and Fazio, among the most biased in the public service”, would be “the consequence of the fear of finally having to give due respect to those who think differently from them ». Maurizio Gasparri of FI is ironic, referring to when the journalist left the Rai presidency in the early 2000s: «She is in her second resignation. The world goes on anyway.” And the League that he had greeted Fazio and Litizzetto
with a sarcastic “Belli ciao”, he wishes her “good work and great successes”. Obviously elsewhere.

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