London, Ai Weiwei invites the world to raise the middle finger against power

London, Ai Weiwei invites the world to raise the middle finger against power


The major exhibition that the Design Museum is dedicating to the work of Ai Weiwei will open in London on 7 April, the first solo exhibition of the Chinese artist and activist who, in collaboration with Avant Arte, has developed the digital project that recovers one of his series most famous for actively involving the public. Since 1995, in fact, the artist has collected in the «Study of Perspective» series the photos in which he shows the middle finger to the places that for historical, political or social reasons have become symbols of power – emblems of censorship, coercion, oppression – from Tiananmen Square to Trump Tower in New York, to the Reichstag in Berlin.

“middle finger”

And it’s called “Middle Finger”, the new work that invites online users to do the middle finger wherever they want in the world. In fact, the platform offered to users allows them to select a place through Google Maps, place the artist’s middle finger in front of the chosen lens and virtually take a photo, to then save it or share it on social networks. using the hashtag #studyofperspective. The photos will also be saved and viewable on the Middle Finger platform of Avant Arte, which has already collected many shots. All in a totally anonymous form: «We often forget that we have a middle finger, or we do without using it. I think it is right to remember that this part of the body can be directed against something – an institution or a person holding power – to let them know, and ourselves, that we exist,” explains Weiwei. And he adds: «What is your perspective?». On the platform it is possible to download a high-resolution photo of the artist’s middle finger (also in the GIF version), to use it as you see fit.

Screen printing will be for sale
While on March 30, for 24 hours only, Avant Arte will put on sale a limited edition serigraphy of the unpublished work «Middle Finger in Red», at a cost of 410 euros. 65% of the proceeds will be donated to the Design Museum.


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