"Let's start again from the Zan bill and protect the children of previous unions" - Corriere.it

"Let's start again from the Zan bill and protect the children of previous unions" - Corriere.it

Of Adriana Logroscino

Children of gay couples, the exponent of Forza Italia in favor of a discussion "without ideological prejudices". But with stakes: "Never transcribe children of surrogate motherhood"

«Let's start again from the Zan bill, integrating it in order to protect children born from previous relationships. And let's see where we arrive, each with his own sensitivity and without ideological prejudices ». George Mule, a long-time exponent of Forza Italia and, in this legislature, vice president of the Chamber, often expresses autonomous positions, sometimes even critical of the allies. On rights he proposes to think about the merits. With very clear stakes, though.

Mrs Mulè, Forza Italia has always stood out from the rest of the centre-right for more liberal positions on rights. Are you wondering about how to protect the rights of children of same-parent couples after the stop to registrations?

“Let's start by saying that rights are and must be the same for everyone: homosexual couples and heterosexual couples. Furthermore, when it comes to these issues, there is no party doctrine that holds. Everyone's conscience counts."

Your position on the registration of children of same-sex couples?

“Children of surrogate mothers are children of a crime against women. Children of an act of selfishness, which is carried out for a fee, which violates not only the law of the State but also the divine laws. This is why it is right that it should be considered an international crime".

Do you agree with Fabio Rampelli who said on TV that homosexual couples who ask for the registration of a child "pass off a child as their own"?

«Rampelli's was a lexical accident. But if we are all aware that the children are not under the cabbage nor are the storks carrying them, evidently the one who is presented as the child of a homosexual couple will be the fruit of a surrogate motherhood».

Not if he has two mothers.

“The principle remains the same. Children are born to a man and a woman who perform an essential complementary function".

But for those children who have already been born and who are now deprived of a right, shouldn't you look for a solution?

«Solution that cannot be that of a sort of ex post amnesty. It would be like giving in to blackmail: you go abroad and circumvent our laws and then, when you come back, you demand recognition of the fait accompli».

The problem of children's rights remains.

«We have been and are ready to go towards couples other than those envisaged by article 29 of the Constitution, the family founded on marriage between a man and a woman. This is why I say let's sit around a table, let's discuss, let's start again from the Ddl Zan. But first let's get rid of the prejudice according to which on the one hand there are those who are in favor of rights on the other the homophobes. This is not a premise from which one can argue».

The Ddl Zan, however, buried in the Chamber, did not deal with children's rights.

«The Ddl Zan was scuttled because it was based on ideological assumptions and introduced, for example, the theory of gender fluid at school. Let's take it back, let's modify it. We insert the protection of the rights of children born from previous relationships and who find themselves living with two people of the same sex civilly united. I would be in favor."

And would you be in favor of adoption for gay couples?

"Personally I'm against it. Maybe those children could grow up well? I don't feel like experiencing it on their skin".

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