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Lecco and Reggina at risk, what happens - Corriere.it


Of Florence Radogna

The Serie B assembly is ready to meet. Lecco hasn’t delivered the documentation of the stadium, but it has an ace up its sleeve. The entire board of directors of Reggina resigned, which had to pay the first tranche to the tax authorities

Tomorrow (Friday 23, from 18), the assembly of the Serie B League meets, from which some first (unofficial) indications may emerge on the pending cases among the registrations filed on 20 June. St
eight the lens remain the cases of Reggina And Lecco. With Brescia And Perugia ready to take its place. As for the Calabrians: on Tuesday evening, just as the deadline for submitting the registration expiredthe entire board of directors of the grenade club resigned, reporting to the president and former referee, Marcello Cardona (the patron is the entrepreneur Felice Saladini). A circumstance which, despite the documentation required for registration having been filed on time, causes concern for the president of the League Mauro Balata. Reggina, in debt to the tax authorities, should have attached to the registration the bank documentation certifying the payment of a first tranche of the money (about 730 thousand euros; in addition to other certificates), foreseen in a restructuring plan. Have I done it? The resignation of the entire board certainly does not seem to bring serenity.

Lecco case

Then the newly promoted (after 50 years) Lecco
for which the problem seems to be relative only to the valid and documented designation of an alternative stage,

waiting for the planned renovation work to be undertaken on its own – the small Rigamonti-Ceppi – (there is an agreement between the Municipality and the Di Nunno owners, who would bear the cost of 500-700 thousand euros). But the crucial point is precisely the indispensable indication of an alternative stage. Having correctly documented both the agreement with Padua and the one with the Veneto municipality to use the Euganeo stadium, the prefect of Padua would have received the necessary authorization for the temporary move a few hours late (the morning after the deadline expired). Beyond a peremptory and non-extendable term. In theory.

The background in favor of Lecco

In fact, a backstory emerges. The obligatory visit of the stadium commission of the Serie B League to the Lecco city stadium, essential to assess its compliance with the law (or not) for Serie B – which took place last Tuesday morning – could not be held in the presence of the chief consultant of the commission itself: the former referee Carlo Longhi, to
is absent for health reasons, as reported by the other four officers present.

A visit that from official was therefore reduced to unofficial. Not only that: precisely because the deadline for registration fell on last Tuesday evening and Lecco had been promoted on the field on Sunday evening (not even 48 hours before), this could not be repeated before the expiry of the deadline itself, set for the delivery of registration. One detail: considering that, without official certification, the Rigamonti-Ceppi stadium cannot yet be identified as non-compliant. A delay – in this case – dependent on the Serie B League itself which could lead to an extension for a second – and this time official – evaluation of the Como stadium. By also postponing the subsequent (and consequent) indication of an alternative system. With extended deadlines.

They are waiting for at least one between Reggina and Lecco to be entered in Serie B, two newly relegated. First the Brescia by Massimo Cellino, who dropped to C after a dramatic playoff with Cosenza; and then the Perugia, finished third last. Both clubs have requested access in advance to the registration documents just filed by the Serie B clubs. In view of a long battle of appeals that could continue beyond the next month of July, with various (but all possible) conclusive scenarios.

What can happen now

From a B with only three newly promoted from C (rejected Lecco, which also could not even participate in the Lega Pro; it did not submit the registration); to a B with 21, if not 22 teams at the start. Finally, in the case of Leccoit would be the first club in the history of national professional football to be excluded – and in fact canceled from Pro-football – for a mere bureaucratic issue and not linked to economic problems. In all of this (for now) there remain three reference dates which will mark the chronological process for the definition of the staff of the 2023-24 series B, net of subsequent appeals. Tomorrow’s, with the Assembly of the Serie B League (from 6 pm), that of Friday June 30th, closing date and filing of the reports of the Covisoc commission (activated on thorny cases by tomorrow’s assembly); and that of next 7 July. Day in which the FIGC Federal Council will establish – possible – exclusions, readmissions, repechage in Serie B. But it will be a hot summer, well beyond that date …

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