«Juventus second? We need clarity on the penalty»- Corriere.it

«Juventus second?  We need clarity on the penalty»- Corriere.it

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The Inter coach answers the question if he feels second in the standings: «I look at the standings now, then there are legal cases. All teams need clarity."

"Do I feel second in the standings? I look at the standings now, then there are judicial events and the responsible bodies that are working. We will see what happens, we hope it will happen soon because all the teams need clarity». Inter coach Simone Inzaghi said so
commenting on the words of Max Allegri who continues to reiterate how Juventus - who Inter will face tomorrow night - would be second in the standings without the 15-point penalty. «We consider it a great team, complete with very strong players. We respect her, we faced her in very heartfelt finals. We will also have two Coppa Italia matches ahead. We know how important mental preparation is and with Juve it will be more so,” Inzaghi continued.

On the draws

«Dream final in the Champions League? We all wish so. However, my only thought today is Juventus, it's the last match of a terrible cycle».

On the after-Porto

"After Porto was not an outlet
, my concern but at the same time certainty is that we work every day for the good of Inter. We know that there will always be criticism, then those to be evaluated and those to be discarded a priori must be chosen ». «This group has done very good things and I'm very satisfied - adds the coach - but beyond the personalities we have to think only in terms of Inter and the fans who are the base. This is football and we must all be good, starting with me and going further».

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