Juventus and the farce of sports justice

Juventus and the farce of sports justice

Yesterday evening the ter trial for the Juventus capital gains case at the Sports Court of Appeal concluded. The penalty is ten points (the federal prosecutor had asked for eleven). It is the third act of the series. First acquitted, then sentenced with 15 penalty points, then postponed to May for another evaluation. The end of Serie A is almost there and only yesterday evening did we find out how the last two days will play out, the decisive ones to understand who will be saved and who will qualify for the European cups. Because it's not just Juventus at stake in all of this. Sports justice has also created problems for the other teams in Serie A. Because, regardless of whether the black and whites are guilty or not, the trials, the penalty and the turnaround, have changed the way the football championship takes place. Which has not been distorted, mind you, but made less clean, especially as regards the race for the Champions League qualification. What influence has the uncertainty of justice, your unclear, unmotivated, often disorganized intervention had on the performance of the teams, including Juventus? It is not measurable, it is impossible to do it. But it is natural to ask.

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