Juventus, Allegri: "Rabiot's arm on goal? Decisions must be respected"

Juventus, Allegri: "Rabiot's arm on goal? Decisions must be respected"

"The team gave me a peaceful break." Massimilano Allegri enjoys the fundamental success at the Meazza with Inter who relaunch Juventus sensationally even in the Champions League race: "It was very important to win in Milan, because it's always difficult", underlines the Juventus coach. "It was a physical match, we conceded little or nothing. However, we missed some easy solutions and you mustn't make mistakes in these matches. We need to improve on our passing choices. In defense, however, we never let ourselves be jumped, conceding little. The team has proved to have heart and passion".

"I leave early so as not to get expelled and leave the team in peace"

Allegri surprised everyone by leaving before the final whistle. He explains: "I always ask the lads to win and make me suffer as little as possible in order to prepare for matches with greater serenity. I left the pitch a few minutes before the final whistle because I was getting nervous. I'm warned and didn't want to get booked or sent off; I also wanted leave the team alone."

"Rabiot's touch of the arm? Decisions must be accepted"

On Kostic's goal, contested by Inter for an alleged touch of the arm by Rabiot, Allegri says: "The decisions must be accepted. If the Var is objective it is functional, if it is subjective it is a problem. With Salernitana it was an objective case. After that episode we made a mess, making a mistake, because then we paid for it against Benfica."

"Vlahovic played his best game since he's been at Juve"

In closing, a judgment on the individuals: "Fagioli is growing, as is Locatelli. Kostic is an important player. He defends much better and has better game times. Vlahovic played his best match since he's been at Juventus. Chiesa and Soulé also did good. Paredes still on the bench? He had a good start and then I didn't let him play much. After the break, however, there will be even more enthusiasm", he concludes.

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