Italy plan 1 Giga still below 2% -

Italy plan 1 Giga still below 2% -

On broadband, Italy continues to accumulate delays and the objectives set by the Pnrr seem to be getting further and further away. Italia a 1 Giga, the first of the public intervention plans for Ultra Broadband financed through the Pnrr, foresees that by 2026 there will be connectivity at 1 Gigabit per second for around 7 million house numbers, those connected so far are less than 2 % (1.8% to be precise) by the end of June we should have reached 15%, but it is clear that this goal is now unattainable.

Other projects late

From the data of the «Connetti Italia Reti Ultrafast 5G» portal, created by Infratel to monitor the progress of the Pnrr Plans launched, delays also emerge for other tenders. This is the case of the 5G-densification project, which aims to encourage the spread of 5G mobile networks in market failure areas, i.e. the so-called white areas: at the moment we have 0% coverage. The same goes for the connected structures for Health and for the Minor Islands Plan, created to bring ultra-fast internet connection to the smaller Italian islands. While as regards the plan for schools, the June target has been achieved.

Butti: «We are trying to recover»

«On the "Italia a 1 Giga" and 5G plans, we have recorded some initial delays that we have been trying to make up for since we took office, also thanks to closer control of suppliers, facilitation in finding the necessary professional resources, as well as issue of permits. As regards the Connected Schools Plan, which aims to wire 3,500 institutions throughout the country, we are counting on reaching the target set for next December. On Sanità Connessa: we have completed the design of around 1,300 health offices and we expect to make up for the first delays that had already emerged in December 2022», explained Alessio Butti, undersecretary of state for technological innovation,the Sun 24 Hours who devoted a great deal of attention to the issue of delays.

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