Italian Tech Academy: winter session closed, enrollments for the autumn session are open

Italian Tech Academy: winter session closed, enrollments for the autumn session are open

The two Italian Tech Academy Masters have recently concluded successfully: Business Innovation and Content Strategy. During the winter session, the students had the opportunity to work closely with important people partners such as Universal Music Italia and La Marzocco, to face real challenges and implement innovative solutions. The Masters provided the participants with a platform for learning new methodologies and apply their skills, developing a strategic vision in the digital age.

The Masters in Content Strategy, launched on March 17, saw its conclusion on May 27. This course stood out for its collaboration with Universal Music Italia, a giant of the music industry. Federico DeNigroHead of D2C and Stephen FavottoEcommerce Manager in Universal Music Italia presented students with a real project brief regarding the development of a rebranding and positioning strategy for their D2C (direct to consumer) e-commerce, specializing in the sale of vinyl, memorabilia and merchandise from the label's artists. The students developed a strategy that would enhance the identity of Universal Music's music brands and through the application of the new skills learned during the workshops, led by Alessandro Mannocoordinator of the master, e Anna Helmdidactic tutor.

The students of the Masters in Business Innovation (March 4 - May 6), led by the scientific coordinator Alexander Braga, have developed digitization projects on a challenge presented by La Marzocco, the international leader of specialty coffee equipment par excellence. The aim of the project work was to explore how the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) could improve the experience of customers at La Marzocco. The students worked to develop innovative propositions that could transform the way consumers interact with coffee machines and offer a unique experience in the world of specialty coffee. The project presentations revealed a variety of highly valuable ideas that the company wanted to share with all colleagues.


Enrollments for the new masters of the Italian Tech Academy are underway

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Both Masters have offered students an immersive experience in the world of work and business innovation, enabling them to apply their theoretical knowledge and hone their skills in a dynamic business environment. Collaboration with prestigious corporate partners has made the work done by the students even more relevant, offering them the opportunity to understand the needs and challenges that companies face on a daily basis. This hands-on experience has enabled students to acquire practical skills and develop a strategic vision, preparing them for a successful career in the digital technologies sector.

The two Winter Masters, with their combination of prominent corporate partners and challenging projects, demonstrated once again the Italian Tech Academy's commitment to providing cutting-edge education and hands-on learning opportunities for its students.

There sustainability it is a central theme for companies and organizations, and it is a global challenge that requires joint and coordinated action by all sectors of the business world. For this reason, Italian Tech Academy has decided to dedicate the entire month of June to these themes.

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Green&Blue: download the insert dedicated to the festival

Along with the launch of the Master in Business Sustainability starting in OctoberItalian Tech Academy will give the opportunity to meet the teachers of this master during the Green & Blue Festival, from 6 to 8 June in Milan, within which, a series of free masterclasses focused on corporate sustainability will be offered. The event will take place in different locations and will include a variety of national and international speakers, as well as a program of masterclasses, seminars and experiential activities carried out in collaboration with partners.

The appointments

The program of the Green&Blue Festival: Rome 5 June / Milan 6-8 June

To partecipate, it's possible signing in for both the main event and individual sessions through the dedicated website.

Italian Tech Academy is now preparing for the next fall training sessionlaunching in October, ready to continue leading the next generation of innovators and leaders in the digital world.

There are three Masters in the programme: the third edition of Business Innovationthe fourth edition of Content Strategy and the second edition of Business Sustainability.

Here are the details:

Business Innovation - Part Time Master
dates: from 7 October to 16 December 2023

The part-time Master in Business Innovation, with a duration of 10 weeks, will take place in blended format with 4 live streaming modules and 2 days on the Talent Garden Campus in Milan. The course provides skills and tools in the field of business innovation, UX Design, Data Analytics and an Agile approach, essential for guiding people and organizations through Digital Transformation and developing effective strategies for different business models.

Early Bird Rate 20% Off: €1,760 including VAT (for the first 10 subscribers) Full Rate €2,200 including VAT
Info here:

Content Strategy - Part Time Master
dates: from 7 October to 2 December 2023

9-week course, online and in presence at the Talent Garden Turin campus (Fondazione Agnelli), designed to provide participants with an in-depth knowledge of web content production techniques and strategies for reaching their audience effectively. The course is aimed at freelancers and professionals, which helps create a dynamic and diverse learning environment. The program is focused on acquiring up-to-date skills, tools and languages ​​for creating valuable content. A set of skills designed for those who want to direct their career towards a professional figure in strategic marketing.

Early Bird Rate 20% Off: €2,160 including VAT (for the first 10 subscribers) Full Rate €2,700 including VAT
Info here:

Business Sustainability - Part Time Master
dates: from 13 October to 16 December 2023

The part-time Master in Business Sustainability offers comprehensive training in methodologies, processes and tools to guide organizations in the ecological transition. A 10-week training course and workshops to learn about the reference framework for acting on managerial processes, skills for defining sustainable development strategies, impact assessment models, ESG criteria, sustainable finance and change management.
Early Bird Rate 20% Off: €2,160 including VAT (for the first 10 subscribers) Full Rate €2,700 including VAT
Info here:

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