"It brought only misfortunes" - Corriere.it

"It brought only misfortunes" - Corriere.it

Former defender Lele Adani harshly criticizes Massimiliano Allegri after Juventus' heavy defeat at Empoli

The fall of Juventus in Empoli made noise and did not leave anyone indifferent Lele Adaniwho has long been a strong critic of the Juventus club and its coach in particular, Massimiliano Allegri: «Anyone who plays against the bianconeri manages to make history - the former defender began, broadcast as always on Bobo TV - Villarreal, Porto, Lyon and Maccabi did it, who hadn't won in the Champions League for 20 years. You can no longer convince those 12 million fans with lies." Vlahovic and his companions will finish their second consecutive season without trophies: «They have missed all the last eight goals. The club at the moment is made up of people who do accounts and not football, leaving everything in the hands of the coach».

"It brought only misfortune"

But Adani's criticism didn't stop there, on the contrary: «After his exemption in 2019, Allegri spent a year at home with Juve money and another without updating. Finally he lived through two more by taking away trophies from the fans and from the bulletin board. It only brought misfortune and it was a constant lack of respect.". Hence the advice of the former defender: «Now I think the time has come for him to give back to Juve, how? Finding an agreement with a company that has given you so much and from which you have received, taking a step back. He would have my respect."

May 23, 2023 (change May 23, 2023 | 22:11)

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