Inter-Juve, Kostic's goal: a suspicious touch by Rabiot infuriates the Nerazzurri

Inter-Juve, Kostic's goal: a suspicious touch by Rabiot infuriates the Nerazzurri

Beautiful the diagonal with which in the 23' of the first half of Inter-Juventus the Juventus offensive winger Filip Kostic mocked the Nerazzurri goalkeeper Andre Onana. But immediately after the Serbian's goal – a momentary 0-1 goal – Inzaghi's players all ran towards thereferee Daniele Chiffi. Convinced that they saw a hand touch from the opposing midfielder Adrien Rabiot. But what happened before the ball hit the net? Let's rebuild the action.

Rabiot and the hand touch: what happened

Juve recovers the ball in their own penalty area and starts again. Daniel, with a long throw, catches Rabiot at the height of the midfield circle, who jumps and controls the ball with his chest. And that's not all, according to the Inter fans: for them the Frenchman has tamed the ball with his left arm. The maneuver then develops with a one-two between Rabiot himself and Vlakhovic (here too there is an initially suspicious touch, but the replay clarifies: it's the chest) and the ball finally reaches Kostic, stationed on the left, who returns to the center and scores. According to Var Mazzoleni, with whom Chiffi spoke for a long time via headset, it was not a matter of an arm touch. The Kostic network is then validated. Angry the Inter players on the pitch and the Nerazzurri fans in the stadium and on social networks.

Rabiot and the Var also protagonists in Juve-Samp

Lately, and it is certainly a coincidence, when it comes to dubious episodes there is always Rabiot, a midfielder who loves to enter the opposing penalty area. It happened a week ago in Juventus-Sampodoria 4-2: the referee team, especially the monitor operators, could not find the clear image that showed a disputed - here too - touch of the hand on the occasion of his second goal, the provisional 3-2. Without clear proof, the network was granted. This evening the image was all right, but the Var judged the control of the French to be regular.

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