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The premier's firmness against Putin (and the M5s), without paying too much attention to political backlashes and polls. Kyiv's enthusiasm for his speech, which fears abandonment by the West. Even with words wars are fought

The video started circulating, subtitled in English or Ukrainian, on social networks and in chats. As well as on Ukrainian sites: “Italian Prime Minister explains the importance of continuing to help Ukraine”, headlines Ukrainska Pravda; other newspapers speak of his "passionate defense of Rome's support for Ukraine". They are the words spoken by Giorgia Meloni in the Chamber, in response to an M5s deputy who asked for a stop to military aid to Kyiv: “The honorable Scutella' tells us: stop. I think you have to tell Putin,” Meloni had said. “If he tells us, he is betraying a position: it means allowing the invasion of Ukraine. I am not so hypocritical as to mistake an invasion for the word peace”.

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