in Italy 80% of the over 65s are self-sufficient and require services -

in Italy 80% of the over 65s are self-sufficient and require services -

They may also be (baby) boomers, but in 2050, men and women over 65 will become the most numerous generation: estimates tell us that there will be seven out of ten. 80% of the over 14 million elderly Italians are self-sufficient and require more and better services related to social life, active life, well-being and residence, as highlighted by the analysis conducted by Kearney, a global strategic consultancy company, in collaboration with SWG. And among the priorities of those born before 1958 are: maintaining good physical shape, being able to take adequate care of themselves and maintaining their standard of living.

The Septantennials

At the Settantennials event, the needs of a new emerging class, says the former INPS president in a speech Pasquale Tridico: For too long we have conceived the world of work and that of social security as two watertight compartments. In the future we will have an increasingly formative life that accompanies the whole phase of work and partly also in the life of retirement itself. We must begin to understand that there are three pillars: a universal one financed on a tax basis, a social security one that depends on the working life of each of us and a private supplementary one on which the public can also exercise itself.

Over 65 willing to spend

Settantennials have a significant economic share of our country: they represent 30% of annual consumption (220 billion) and more than 30% of total wealth (3,200 billion). They are willing to spend, Maurizio De Palma, CEO and co-founder of Cocooners, a start-up dedicated to the over 55s, is keen to underline. And there is a large willingness to spend if they find ad hoc products. Among the fears of the over 65s are: illness (85%), loneliness and inactivity (42%) and economic impoverishment (34%). One out of two attends social activities, yet - the data underline - 70% of the elderly and elderly believe the local service is inadequate and feel neglected, half of them would like an improvement.

Tailored services

Says Antonio Serrapica, Associate Partner in charge of the Kearney Italia insurance market: According to the survey we conducted, 50% of "Settantennials" expect the financial institution to play a key role, a great opportunity to acquire new market shares in the creation of integrated platforms of customized services. I also agree with him Giacomo Lovati, Chief Beyond Insurance Officer UnipolSai and Alessandro Scarf, managing director and general manager of Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura. Lovati:The over 65 segment has ever more advanced needs. Groups like ours have to confront each other to propose social and above all economic solutions. Scarf recalls the role of caregivers: People who care for older people have the same needs. We have invested in banking, financial and insurance products, and are now focusing on services.

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