If for the G7 in Puglia the Emir Emiliano goes from quoting Stalingrad to paeans for Meloni

If for the G7 in Puglia the Emir Emiliano goes from quoting Stalingrad to paeans for Meloni

Black Puglia, Puglia of progressive Spring, Stalingrad and now Southern California to host the G7 among trulli and/or pasticciotti. The emirate of the Heel of Italy was chosen by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni as the site of the international summit with a tricolor presidency for next June 2024, after the Europeans. It all happened with a phone call from Hiroshima to Bari, immediately relaunched on social media by Big Mike Emiliano, who last September, before the political elections, had attacked the right from the stage of a theater in Taranto, with a submissive Enrico Letta behind him: “Puglia is a sort of Stalingrad and they won't pass through here, we won't abandon the field. They will spit blood”. The polls then told of an almost coat of conservatives in the region (in the single-members it ended 14-1). We are now in a new era. The sheikh himself expressed himself thus about the leader of the government: “Prime Minister Meloni has my mobile number... President Meloni's courtesy and style was appreciated by me because it is not very usual”. Between the two there was an ancient empathy (accompanied by political jabs), consolidated in a meeting in the Li Reni farm, the summer headquarters of the "Third Chamber of the State", or rather the living room in the land of Primitivo created by Bruno Vespa. And right there Giorgia and Michele had found an affinity between jokes and games of burraco. Now the governor has abandoned the posture of marshal Zhukov to put on the clothes of laudatores: "The location of the G7? It is an absolute secret, it will be chosen by the government. It is up to us - he clarified - only to collaborate and thank the Italian government".

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