«I want to open a studio and help athletes manage anxiety»- Corriere.it

«I want to open a studio and help athletes manage anxiety»- Corriere.it

Of Andrea Serene

The Inter footballer announced it on Instagram: "Thanks to my experience and studies, I am convinced that I can offer valid help"

Not just football. Robin Gosens
enter the small circle of graduate footballers.

The Inter midfielder finished his studies in Psychology and announced what he would like to do at the end of his career: open a studio to help athletes manage anxiety.

Gosens, 28 years old and with a total passion for sport (he takes part in triathlons in the summer), proudly shared his achievement on Instagram And LinkedInthe social platform on the world of work. «After four years of hard study I reached the finish line: the degree in Psychology — the message of the German —. It has been a long road that has cost me a lot of sweat and energy because obviously football and my family have the main roles in my life. And in the last academic year, our son was also born, the greatest gift on earth».

Then he looks ahead, to the future: «My big dream at the end of my career is to open a studio where I can help athletes manage anxiety, pressure or other similar problems. This dream inspired the topic of my thesis: the comparison between the level of resilience of professional and non-professional athletes. Thanks to my experience as a professional athlete, who has had to face similar problems during his career, and to the theoretical basis acquired through my studies, I believe I can offer valuable help. I am sure".

Gosens is not the first footballer to study and get a degree. Like him, among others, his teammate Edin Dzeko
, Doctor in Sport Management since September 2018; George Chiellini
, graduated in Business Administration with 110 cum laude; Dries Mertens
who graduated in Sports Science at the Catholic University of Leuven (where his mother taught).

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