"I am not intimidated" - Corriere.it

"I am not intimidated" - Corriere.it

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The honorable Riccardo Magi with an anti-prohibition sign while the Prime Minister speaks, who replies: "What happens with drugs is tolerated and trivialized, as if it were a form of freedom"

The premier Giorgia Meloni she is direct and decisive: «Drugs are all bad for you, there is no difference between hard and soft drugs». Riccardo Magipresident +Europa, vehemently contests it. «Cannabis: if the State doesn't take care of it, the mafia will take care of it»the placard exposed with a blitz in the room of the Chamber, where on Monday there was the conference on drugs on the occasion of the world day with the fight against drugs.

But the Prime Minister promptly replies: "I won't be intimidated, I know exactly what I'm doing". And again addressed to Magi: «You should remember that it is thanks to the policies you have implemented that we have reduced ourselves to this, look at these guys. You have organized conferences for years that no one has ever taken the liberty of blocking. You have to accept that there is another government elected by the Italians to do exactly what we are doing». The clerks intervened to remove the sign and Magi left the conference room.

«To say that there are drugs that can be used is a deception - is the idea expressed by the premier - . In today's joint there is an enormously greater quantity of active principle than there was in those of a few decades ago. Can something that has 78% of the active ingredient be defined as light?».

«All the narration», continued the Prime Minister, «goes in one direction: films, television series. The message is that the drug is nonconformist, it doesn't hurt, it's good. There are series that tell the exploits of a drug dealer on the same platforms they did documentaries against Vincenzo Muccioli».

The government's anti-drug approach, Meloni said again, "doesn't want to be a paternalistic approach, the ethical state has nothing to do with it. The responsibility of the institutions has to do with it, solidarity has to do with it, the responsibility to do difficult things if they are right, to go against the tide. If we don't change the approach, all the laws and funds won't be enough, we need another narration on an educational and cultural level. The season of indifference, of maximum, of disinterest in drugs is over».

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June 26, 2023 (change June 26, 2023 | 5:44 pm)

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