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his team does not exist - Corriere.it

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The captain of the Nigerian Under 20, who beat Italy on Wednesday, is at the center of a case: there is no trace in the official documents of the team with which he registered with FIFA

A mystery in the Under 20 World Cup, which is being played these days in Argentina. It's about Nigeria, the team that beat Italy 2-0 on Wednesday. Daniel
was one of the protagonists of that match. Captain of the African national team, he also came close to scoring on a couple of occasions. But Bameyi, a defender, ended up at the center of a case. The team with which he registered in Fifa, Yum Yum FC, does not seem to exist. And there are also doubts about the age communicated by the player, 17 years old.

Let's start with the team. No one in Nigeria has ever heard of this club. There is no trace even in the official documents of the Nigerian football federation, or on specialized sites. On Transfermarktthe reference magazine in the players' quotations, Bameyi is credited with a value of 250 thousand euros, the same as the alleged Yum Yum Fc.

All born from the investigation of the Nigerian site Own Goal, according to which the boy would have lied both about his age and about the club he came from. The research made it clear that in Nigeria no club, to date, is registered with that name, and that the team should be based in Abuja, but no one confirms its existence there. Then, on the communicated age, the doubts arise from the fact that Bameyi, who suddenly appeared on the international scene, immediately became captain of the Under 20 (surpassing colleagues with more experience and presences) and was called up by the senior national team.

May 26, 2023 (change May 26, 2023 | 7:40 pm)

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