he offers lunch to the whole team and to Pioli-Corriere.it

he offers lunch to the whole team and to Pioli-Corriere.it

Of Salvatore Riggio

The French midfielder has only played six games this season but is busy for the team: in recent days he has offered lunch to everyone in his garden. He has a contract until 2026, will he go on loan?

Only 140' in the entire Rossoneri season, on the sidelines of Stefano Pioli's project, shipwrecked in January in a series of disastrous results, but who nonetheless carried the team to the semi-final of the Champions League, an unthinkable goal last summer.

Adli's future is uncertain, indeed very uncertain, but the midfielder has nonetheless been appreciated by the fans and he showed at Milanello that he is a team man. A few days agoafter training, ha invited all his companions to lunch at his house, in the garden, showing off an all-Italian menu and red and black balloons. He wanted to form a team just a few days before the delicate match, with a view to fourth place, against Juventus. A decision appreciated by the group.

Adli, who could also go on loan, has played six games, of which only one as a starter, against Verona in the first leg (2-1 at Bentegodi, on 16 October). Then only clips, benches and many exclusions. And two parties have arisen among the Rossoneri fans. On the one hand, there are those who have decided to support Stefano Pioli's choices; on the other, those who, on the other hand, have repeatedly invoked a greater use of Adli. AND there was a time, not so long ago, that the Rossoneri midfielder even managed to bewitch Thierry Henry.

It was November 2021 and we were playing PSG-Bordeaux. The playmaker was defeated 3-2 against the Parisian giants, still managing to charm. I wanted to tell you that you have improved a lot, keep it up. I'll wait for you at the World Cup, Henry told him. But for the midfielder, in the end, no Qatar 2022: Algeria did not qualify. However, since he landed in Milan, the Rossoneri with curly hair and a passion for the piano has dreamed big. Ed, in fact, became the idol of Milan fans. The reasons?

On social media, he was the first to cheer on the team and in La Spezia he was in the front row of that image (not good for Italian football) of the players, including the coach, under the Curva degli ultra rossoneri. As mentioned, data in hand, the season score was only 140' played with zero goals, zero assists and one yellow card. The average of 0.67 dribbling per game tells us that when he has the ball he tries, he looks for the cue.

Now Adli would like to stay, he has a contract until 2026. In January Pioli said that the Frenchman had raised the level: I rely on him. It wasn't like that. Adli did well as a kid at school, in the PSG youth team they compared him to Rabiot and Pogba and he grew up with the myths of Juninho and Zidane. In the Rossoneri he tried to go his own way, without ever having space. And also loved in Villejuif. In 2019, in fact, he founded the Association Yacine Adli, aimed at helping the kids of his city. Everyone loves him there, they remember him as a boy obsessed with football. And so remained. Who knows if here in Italy I will be able to demonstrate his qualities.

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