Hamilton separates from Angela Cullen, the handyman physiotherapist: what's behind it - Corriere.it

Hamilton separates from Angela Cullen, the handyman physiotherapist: what's behind it - Corriere.it

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Together since 2016, she has been invaluable for the English in the care of body and mind: I'm a better person thanks to her. He will leave the world of Formula 1. Toto Wolff: When things no longer work, you have to understand it

A surprise goodbye. Another, this time not for Ferrari. Angela Cullen says goodbye to Lewis Hamilton, she will no longer be her personal physiotherapist. Or rather, a sort of handyman for the seven-time world champion. Angela was by my side leading me to express my best version. I am a better performing athlete and a better person because of her, the message on Instagram by Lewis, in addition to several photos of them together. Cullen leaves not for frictions with Hamilton, on the contrary. He decided to change his life. It had been a while since she wanted to travel less. I will stay in Switzerland, spend more time with my family. And, it seems, he will devote himself to a project of his own, not related to Formula 1. When things don't work anymore you have to understand it and be honest, said Toto Wolff instead crypticMercedes team principal, was asked about the farewell of the physiotherapist, who was and will always be a mascot for our team.

I hope you all join me today in wishing her the best in her next steps in the future, with the aim of continuing to achieve her dreams. Thanks for everything 'Ang', I can't wait to find out what the future holds for you, adds Lewis, genuinely attached to this 48-year-old New Zealand woman. For him she was much more than a physical therapist.

Always with the headphones firmly on her head, while walking quickly in the paddock, Angela fills the water bottles and wears the helmets, arranges Lewis' pigtails and acts as a psychologist, irons his shirts and helps him follow his diet. Everything passed through her, always very reserved, never a word about the secrets of her champion.
They started working together in 2016, when the Englishman complained of neck and back discomfort
: With Angela we had done some work at home and so I asked her to follow me in the competitions. But I could not have imagined that such an important bond would be born, Lewis explained. And again: Meeting her was one of the most beautiful things that happened to me in her life – he said a few years ago -. I have worked with many people, she is tireless. She is focused, generous, she fills me with peace every race weekend.

A former professional sportswoman, she played hockey for the New Zealand national team as a girl and has also cycled across South America. After graduating she was drafted into the British national athletics team at the Athens Olympics. With her Hamilton she alternates body care with that of the mind with running, training, yoga and meditation. Not just workouts. Angela shares ideas and social battles with Lewis, she quotes phrases from Martin Luther King, Mandela and Muhammad Al, at the forefront of demonstrations against discrimination and intolerance. Hamilton after each of her victories always ran to hug her. Should you triumph in Jeddah on Sunday, you will have one less smile to welcome it.

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