Haas Automation, partner of F1's Haas, accused of violating sanctions on Russia - Corriere.it

Haas Automation, partner of F1's Haas, accused of violating sanctions on Russia - Corriere.it

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A report by the American TV Pbs underlines how machinery for making missiles and precision munitions would have been sold. The team's press release: "Everything is false"

The accusation is heavy. That of having violated the sanctions against Russia established after the start of the war in Ukraine. And it comes from the American TV Pbs, famous for the accuracy of its reports. US television claims that customs records in its possession certify that the American company Haas Automation allegedly made 18 shipments to Russia between March and October 2022, for a total of 2.8 million dollars (about two million and 637 thousand euros). According to Pbs, the American company would have sold machines that can also be used to produce missiles and precision munitions. The US TV brings in support of his thesis what is also attested by Economic Security Council of Ukrainean organization tasked with identifying and countering internal and external threats to economic security in Ukraine.

The name Haas causes a sensation because it is the same as the F1 team already involved in the Mazepin affair. The team was in fact founded by Gene Haas of Haas Automation, but is no longer part of the Haas Automation conglomerate. The company that produces precision machinery is in fact a partner of the racing car team, but the team would have nothing to do with the transfer of prohibited machinery to Russia. A very important distinction. In fact, if the US authorities were to find evidence that Haas Automation has intentionally evaded the sanctions, they could punish it by initiating civil and criminal action that could end in prison for those responsible and with stratospheric fines for the company.
In any case, that the Haas name enters a criminal investigation in the US is a problem for the automotive team.
For this in a statement the F1 team reiterates that what Pbs claims "is false". And in a statement he specifies: «1) Haas Automation is and has always been in full compliance with the export control of the United States government.
2) No machines have been shipped from the Haas Automation factory in Russia since March 3, 2022.
3) The 18 machines PBS is talking about left the Haas Automation plant before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
4) Haas Automation voluntarily chose to terminate the relationship with the Russian distributor, which has never been required by any US sanction.
5) Haas Automation fully supports Ukraine and its people in defense against Russia. On March 3, 2022, shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Haas Automation completely terminated the relationship with the only existing independent distributor for Russia and Belarus, Abamet Management. Since that date, Haas has not sold or shipped any machines, parts or software to Abamet or anyone else in Russia."

March 16, 2023 (change March 16, 2023 | 1:32 pm)

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