Govern active labor policies, without prejudice. Yes you can. Orlando replies to Giannino

Govern active labor policies, without prejudice.  Yes you can.  Orlando replies to Giannino

To the director - I note that in recent days your newspaper has been dealing with me and with the reforms made or started in my experience at the Ministry of Labor in the last government. I must confess one thing, however, on which I was caught red-handed: yes it is true, I admit that I have always fought to extend the protections to all workers, to all regardless of the contractual types and size thresholds of the employer with the reform of social safety nets and to digital workers with the ratification of a European directive on the transparency of the algorithm (now canceled by the "social" right of the Meloni government) and with work in the EU on digital platforms whose work I hope we do not want to throw away. I then worked with other EU ministers to provide protection for digital workers by equating their condition and therefore their protection to that of employees when there are clear symptoms of the fact that their work is anything but self-employed. So I admit that I do not understand the particular degree of freedom (except for digital companies) for the worker which, in your opinion, can be deduced from the absence of protection for the worker. However, what you wrote about Anpal does not correspond to the truth at all. Without going into the merits of the fact that creating a National Agency for active labor policies and now closing it doesn't seem like a really brilliant idea, I would like to clarify some aspects mentioned by Oscar Giannino in his article in your newspaper with superficiality and a certain preliminary approximation. Anpal was established in 2015 by making a collage of different public offices and with a huge limitation: the selection and hiring of specific professionals was not envisaged, nor was there adequate organizational equipment, on the contrary the institutive law expressly provided that the new Agency should be born at zero cost; in practice the Presidents who have followed one another to lead it, and with them the employees who have passed through Anpal, have found themselves in recent years having to make a wedding with dried figs.

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