Good communication takes time: that's why it makes no sense to say "I want it now"

Good communication takes time: that's why it makes no sense to say "I want it now"

It's from HUB09 "I want it now", the manifesto that invites Italian companies to reflect on time quality when it comes to work. The initiative, promoted today on the pages of The print and it's The Republicwill also be live on the main social channels.

Time is money but communication agencies don't sell time, they sell ideas, strategy, empathy, imagination, emotion and even love. Communication agencies are passionate about brands by working on products and services with responsibility and enthusiasm.

It often happens that companies require speed, but are we sure that speed is an added value? It takes time to design a pack, create a social media campaign or create a commercial. Work "fast" it doesn't allow you to give the right attention to ideas, strategies, thoughts.

There's been a lot of talk lately about sustainability but we should remember that sustainability passes first of all from human relationships and the ability to work together, with organization, respect and mutual trust. Love your brands and do it sustainably.

«We do the most beautiful job in the world – he explains Marco Faccio, founder of HUB09 – I always repeat this to the guys who are in HUB09, but in order for it to remain that way, sometimes we need to take a stand, we need to remind everyone of the value of what we do. In any agency we suffer from the absence of time, we have all become, creatives and customers, slaves of the myth of speed. It's not easy to escape this logic, but I think it's right to at least try. An old creative director, many years ago, when questioned by a young brand manager about how long it took him to make a certain creativity, replied: "Thirty years"; here, I would like to invite everyone to reflect on this. Time has value. And this, let's be clear, applies to agencies as well as customers! We have to take the time to do things rightbecause this also makes you live better and gives better results».

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