“Go after the little evaders? It's state lace»- Corriere.it

“Go after the little evaders?  It's state lace»- Corriere.it

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The premier's words during an electoral rally: "Evasion must be fought where it is: big companies and banks, not small traders"

"You have to fight tax evasion where it is: big companies, banks, not the small trader to whom you ask for the State protection money just because you have to hunt for income rather than tax evasion". The prime minister said, Giorgia Meloniintervening in Catania at the closing event of the electoral campaign in support of centre-right mayoral candidate Enrico Trantino.

During the rally, which was attended by all the national leaders of the centre-right coalition (Tajani, Salvini, Wolves), the Prime Minister touched on other topics including Rai (««I don't want to replace an intolerant system of power with another intolerant system of power. I want to free Italian culture from an intolerant system of power, in which no you could have worked if you didn't belong to a political force"), migrants ("We are in the worst situation regarding immigration, but I promise you that in the end I will prevail, finding structural solutions".

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May 26, 2023 (change May 26, 2023 | 21:02)

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