Giorgia Meloni at the "Forum in Masseria". The interview with Bruno Vespa

Giorgia Meloni at the "Forum in Masseria".  The interview with Bruno Vespa

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The premier participates in the four-day review organized by the TV host at his estate in Salento. After her, it will be the turn of Crosetto, Lollobrigida and Schillaci. Conte is there, Schlein absent (despite the invitation)

Giorgia Meloni is a guest of Bruno Vespa at the "Forum in Masseria", the four-day review that takes place on the TV host's estate in Salento, now in its third edition. The dialogue between the two, initially scheduled for yesterday evening, was then moved to this morning due to the premier's commitments. Nonetheless, the head of government has already had the opportunity to comment informally on the immigration dossier, with the new European pact approved yesterday in Brussels: "Talking about secondary movements, if the primary ones are not addressed upstream, will never be a solution, because it means trying to solve problems by downloading onto others but we all have problems. The only way to deal with them is to solve them at the start". And again, on the Pnrr: "There is no need to tug of war, the issue is not who spends the money but spending it".

The recovery plan will be at the center of today's interview, in a broader perspective of growth in Italy. But there will also be room for the other major challenges facing the government, from reforms to the energy transition to the reconstruction of Emilia-Romagna. After the premier, it will be the turn of Guido Crosetto, Francesco Lollobrigida and Orazio Schillaci; Matteo Salvini and Gilberto Pichetto Fratin are expected for tomorrow, with Raffaele Fitto, Gennaro Sangiuliano and Adolfo Urso who will close the event on Sunday. For the opposition, he will participate Joseph Contewhile the secretary of the Pd, Elly Schleinhe declined the invitation.

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