Genoa is preparing for the grand finale of the Ocean Race -

Genoa is preparing for the grand finale of the Ocean Race -

Of Salvatore Riggio

The race around the world which is held every 3 years will see the arrival in the Ligurian capital between 24 June and 2 July. Mayor Bucci: Hosting the final stage of The Ocean Race in Genoa is an incredible promotional opportunity, an extraordinary opportunity to bring the name of our city everywhere

Genoa world capital of sailing from 24 June to 2 July, thanks to the arrival of The Ocean Race, a round-the-world sailing race, held every three years. In a month's time, the Ocean Live Park will be inaugurated in the Eastern Waterfront, the former Fiera di Genova redesigned by Renzo Piano, where the protagonist boats of the most challenging transoceanic regatta in the world will arrive. It turns 50 and will arrive in Italy for the first time, even with some Legends, among which New Zealand Endeavour And Rolly Go.

It will be a great success. Host the final leg of The Ocean Race Genoa is an incredible promotional opportunity, an extraordinary occasion to bring the name of our city everywhere. Hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts all over the world will follow the arrival of the boats, an event on which we have worked hard over the years and which makes us extremely proud, said the mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci. And again: I am sure that we will obtain a valuable return for the city in the immediate future and for the future, thanks to the vast promotion carried out on an international scale. Genoa ready to transform itself into the world capital of sailing.

In a month, therefore, there will be the Grand Finale of a six-month challenge and of a path that has seen Genoa as a protagonist for over three years. Sustainability, environment, courage, sharing, equality, respect, the watchwords of this extraordinary event that we are proud to be able to host in our Italian sea, he underlined Evelina Christillin, President of the Steering Committee of Genoa The Grand Finale. Furthermore, the best eco-sustainable solutions on the market in the set-up and supply of services sector were identified, in full compliance with The Ocean Race guidelines. a modular, spectacular and green friendly system was chosen, i.e. with a C02 neutral label. Another important aspect concerns water saving, thanks to a high-tech purification pilot plant which will allow seawater to be used for non-food purposes.

Many appointments scheduled on the sidelines of the event, such as some important tennis and padel matches. Double appointment with inclusive sport thanks to the performances between Insuperabili, Genoa For Special and Samp For Special. Space also for e-sports in the Jean Nouvel Pavilion. Here sailing enthusiasts will find the Foil and Para Sailing Academy for the first time in Italy. The Next Generation Foil Academy powered by Luna Rossa, represents excellence in flying sailing and will be an important presence at the next Paris 2024 Olympics. New for the year is the introduction of the Para Sailing Academy, a model of inclusiveness that allows everyone to approach the world of sailing. In short, Genoa sets sail to welcome crews, technicians, sportsmen and countless visitors from all over the world with a calendar of events in the city featuring music, art, culture and lots of entertainment.

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