From the sea to the ocean: energy and sustainability on the crest of the wave

From the sea to the ocean: energy and sustainability on the crest of the wave

What colour is it; what does energy taste like, what noise does it make? We probably imagine it hot, burning, bright red. Boiling, deafening and also with little regard for the environment.

Or we think of it as odourless, colorless but, always and in any case, precious.

As precious as the planet we live in. Here are the places – the lands – where we live and there are the seas. Seas and oceans; precious? Absolutely yes.

Sea & energy. An indissoluble union since the dawn of time; because the sea, in itself, is energy: the energy of the waves, the energy of life, the energy of a thousand adventures, of a thousand legends that someone has written and that we have all read or heard.

Sea and energy; then life: ours and that of the planet which – without the sea – would not last much longer.

Going back to the questions we opened with, let's try to answer at least the first one: what color is it? Well, energy can also be blue; blue like the sea.

It is the energy of forward-thinking projects, such as that of E.ON, one of the main European energy operators engaged in Italy in the sale of electricity, gas and solutions in line with the Group's strategic positioning. In the beautiful country E.ON focuses on competitive products and services capable of responding to the new needs of consumers for a more "smart" and more efficient use of energy, putting each user in the real conditions of contributing to the "green" turnaround to safeguard the 'environment.

Energy and sea. Energy and projects: one of these is called Energy4Bluean initiative born in 2019 to support the protection and restoration of marine habitats through beach cleaning activities, seabed protection, environmental education, care of protected animal species...

“Cooperating is important. This is why E.ON is committed together with its partners, such as IOC-UNESCO, to protect the oceans, reduce emissions and contribute significantly to the ecological transition of homes, businesses and urban contexts by reducing CO emissions2 and greater energy independence”. These are the words of Frank Meyer CEO of E.ON Italia.

From 2020 E.ON supports IOC-UNESCO in the Decade of Marine Sciences for Sustainable Development and from last year carry on Save The Wave to restore and safeguard the ecosystems of Posidonia oceanica in Palermo and in the Tremiti Islands by making local communities aware of how important it is to protect the sea.

Sea that you must above all learn to know. To do this, it is not enough to swim in it, it is not enough to navigate it, it is not enough to admire it. Also for this IOC-UNESCO has devised OCEAN & CLIMATE VILLAGE, the first traveling exhibition on the ocean and climate which stopped in Naples (Castel dell'Ovo) from 6 to 12 March; as Main Partner of the Neapolitan appointment: E.ON;

In addition to the mere physical space, the exhibition was, as always, a meeting platform to promote debates on the protection of biodiversity and marine ecosystems and address issues relating to the blue economy, innovation and design.

In this context, E.ON was able to tell the public about the Company's commitment to the fight against climate change, reiterating that only with the commitment of everyone, from private citizens to businesses, from large communities to small businesses, will it be possible achieve the desired goals.

In the round table held in Castel dell'Ovo on 7 March, dedicated to the relationship between cities and the sea, biologists from Italian universities and not only took part to talk about the various protection, ocean literacy, energy efficiency projects in cities , the reduction of consumption and emissions, the efficiency of ports and vessels...

Naples and the sea; the cities and the sea. Then man, then energy.

And again the sea; on the crest of the wave.

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