from the Santanchè case to the

from the Santanchè case to the


Of Mark Cremona

All the “signals” that Matteo Salvini and the League never tire of giving to Giorgia Meloni and the Brothers of Italy. Taking care not to exceed the guard level. But the relationship between the blue Tajani and the premier Meloni remains “armored”

«So say it, if you are a Putin supporter…». They say that Giovanbattista Fazzolari, at the news of a new agenda of the League on Ukraine, blurted out. The episode obviously dates back to days before Wagner’s uprising against Moscow. The agenda, presented by the Northern League leader to the Senate Maximilian Romeo, was on what the Salvinians call the “Vatican line”. Pursue peace and mediation by any means.

But, precisely, the powerful undersecretary to the presidency of the Council did not like it. Probably, he read in the Northern League document the umpteenth drop of the trickle of “signals” that Matthew Salvini and the League don’t get tired of giving Giorgia Meloni and the Brothers of Italy. Taking care not to exceed the guard level. If the Northern League group leader in the Chamber, and not only him, had asked in recent days that the minister Daniela Santanché come to report to the courtroom, yesterday Salvini himself adjusted the shot: «If politics were to work on the basis of the investigations of Reports
, we would be the Banana Republic. Maximum confidence to colleagues in office “. The League is biting the brakes, the excessive power of the premier for now is something we cannot go against. Of course, you can enjoy, to quote a high-level parliamentarian, “the show of how Meloni will emerge from the Mes affair and from the others to come”. Waiting for better times. If it’s not a “so much worse, so much better”, we’re close.

Moreover, with the disappearance of Silvio Berlusconi – whom Salvini remembered with emotion yesterday in front of the Confindustria Youth – the Northern League lost that side game that dates back to before the fall of the Draghi government and then continued with the common line pursued on cadastral estimates or on bathing establishments. Also on the Mes, the braking of Antonio Tajani reiterated yesterday (“My criticism of the Mes is pro-European: it must be subjected to the scrutiny of the European Parliament just as the activity of the ECB is subjected”) does not arouse good humor in the League. Forza Italia was the most favorable party of the majority to “Save States”, but the fact that today it is less so in the League is not read as a consolidation of the center-right but as a confirmation of the fact that the relationship between Tajani and Prime Minister Meloni is highly armored and offers little thread to weave. If anything, according to the Northern League, the party needs to get ready to collect – in view of the European elections – Berlusconi’s legacy on issues such as lowering taxes and letting the economy go free. And so, surprisingly, Santanché reappears here, whose entrepreneurial story nobody wants to talk about: «We have to distinguish ourselves from certain proposals like that of Santanché to force bed & breakfasts to rent for a minimum of two nights. We are for the freedom of homeowners and entrepreneurs» reiterates the pure Salvini.

And in the meantime, Forza Italia meets at the Castle of Novara for the first public event after the founder’s death. Antonio Tajani closes it by emphasizing “the latest gift that Silvio Berlusconi gave us: making us fly in the polls, even the most recent ones continue to give us growth”. Even if internal tensions continue to echo: «Come on Italy – he says Licia Ronzulli — must welcome those who have the same ideas and the same values. It’s not that, however, for fear of dying, we have to become a receptacle for germs”.

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June 25, 2023 (change June 25, 2023 | 07:49)


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