From Biella to Pinerolo, 700 Piedmontese Municipalities hire with a maxi competition

From Biella to Pinerolo, 700 Piedmontese Municipalities hire with a maxi competition

TURIN. Smart recruitment in the Piedmontese Municipalities members of ASMEL, the Association for the subsidiarity and modernization of local authorities.

From 7 March, the maxi notices for the lists of candidates suitable for recruitment in the Municipalities (law 113/2021) have been published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale Concorsi and on the InPA Portal. Many professional profiles are required, including technical experts for the PNRR, both graduates and skilled workers. You have until March 22 to apply. Anyone included in the lists will remain there for three years or in any case until they are hired on a permanent basis. The individual local entities concerned can hire in just 5 weeks by calling the members on the lists via request and carrying out a single selective test.

Among the entities adhering to the innovative procedure are Biella, Pinerolo, Poirino, Serravalle, Venaria Reale, Borgomanero, Santena, Moretta as well as naturally the leader of the associated management, the Municipality of Carignano. The mayor Giorgio Albertino, also national councilor of the Asmel association underlines «The initiative, which all Piedmontese municipalities can join, already involves several municipalities and represents an easier and faster way than the classic public competition to proceed with the recruitment by of local authorities in compliance with all accounting rules".

The objective of the new Maxi Competition organized by Asmel is also to integrate the lists of profiles banned in 2022 and made available to the needs of the 4 thousand local members of the Association, of which 738 from Piedmont.

Many hirings are being formalized in these days in Piedmont, for example, in the municipality of Pinerolo 9 category administrators both C and D are about to be hired.

From the Municipality of Moretta they let it be known that «the hiring of an administrative C is imminent and other procedures are being carried out for figures linked to the PNRR. The agreement with Asmel has made it possible to recruit motivated and qualified personnel with an innovative and fast procedure».

Satisfied with the Chierese Consortium for the Services of the Metropolitan City of Turin which it has just hired using the Lists of suitable candidates already available. The personnel manager confirms «Procedure of a high level and well organized. The selection carried out electronically was a guarantee of efficiency and transparency. It is a streamlined and rapid tool to support Local Authorities who are often overburdened with work and bureaucracy». While the new employee at the Consortium underlines the advantages also for the suitable candidates «An excellent opportunity to expand the possibilities of entry into the PA which facilitates the selection process, especially for small entities with fewer resources».

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