Francesca Pascale takes the stage in the rainbow square: "Schlein fighter, Salvini homophobic". And she argues with Ricca

Francesca Pascale takes the stage in the rainbow square: "Schlein fighter, Salvini homophobic".  And she argues with Ricca

The attention of journalists and cameras was taken Francesca Pascale, Silvio Berlusconi's ex-girlfriend and current partner of Paola Turci, who arrived in Piazza della Scala in Milan to demonstrate together with the Rainbow Families. A presence heralded for days, which however attracted the attention of many of those present. Dark jacket and white shirt, sunglasses and dyed blond hair arrived at the garrison alone.

Pascale had words of praise for Schlein: "I really like her as a person and as a woman because she is a fighter". But she also lashed Meloni: "The time has come to stop these clashes between right and left because civil rights are everyone's rights, including Giorgia Meloni and her daughter". The prime minister, according to Pascale, "should reflect because it is not a guerrilla war between homosexuals and heterosexuals".

Pascale then added: "Paola Turci is not my wife, I am civilly united with her. And yet, I don't feel different from a heterosexual couple. Why can't it be, why doesn't Salvini like it? I define Salvini as homophobic, I define the sovereignists as homophobic, the parties that go arm in arm with Orban, the racists and crazy. I don't want to insult anyone. They annoyed with this hatred. This is why I have faith in the figure of Giorgia Meloni. I never voted for Brothers of Italy, but I want have faith in the woman that she is".

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by Oriana Liso

But there were also squabbles, especially when he spoke with the journalist Piero Ricca. It happened during the initial stages of the rainbow families demonstration against the stop imposed by the Viminale on mayor Beppe Sala from registering the children of same-parent couples in the registry office: "Were you already a lesbian when you were with Berlusconi?" said Ricca. "I have never hidden my bisexuality from loved ones," Pascale replied.

An argument that went on for several minutes and which also resulted in insults: "When she did the lollipop in Naples, the commercials with the calippo in Naples, I was already making complaints to Berlusconi," said Ricca. "Don't address me with this perverse and chauvinist attitude", replied Pascale. She who then added: "Don't put your hands on me, his breath already says it all".

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