Foorban, the company lunch break against food waste

Foorban, the company lunch break against food waste

Once upon a time, during the lunch break, perhaps one went hunting for the trattorias frequented by truck drivers to eat well, now one stays in the company if there is a Foorban fridge-dispenser. Certainly the concept of "good" has expanded: today we speak of wellbeing. And that doesn't mean that you have to necessarily compromise with pleasantness, on the contrary. The startup born in 2016 on the initiative of Marco Mottolese, Stefano Cavaleri and Riccardo Pozzoli offers its over 250 client companies - including Nike and Vodafone - different menus every week using over 2 thousand recipes.

They range from traditional Italian dishes to ethnic ones, but also vegan, vegetarian or balanced for those who play sports. The Mottolese CEO underlines that it is the "first Italian food tech company to have developed smart solutions for the lunch break with the aim of improving people's well-being in the workplace". So here is the Smart Fridge for lunch breaks and snacks, fully automatic coffee machines by LaCimbali, Smart catering, daily breakfasts and fresh fruit deliveries. Not to mention the careful planning and collaboration with Too Good To Go and Banco Alimentare to avoid and combat food waste, and obviously 100% recyclable packaging.

The success, however, also owes to the high technological value of the platform. In fact, it is enough to download an app to buy the dishes and thus unlock every point of contact with Foorban. "In 2023 we will focus on the scale up of the company in Italy, doubling the customer base and turnover", concludes Mottolese. But within five years the goal is "to become a point of reference for companies in Europe thanks to technological solutions capable of promoting and spreading a healthy lifestyle for thousands of workers".

The startup was founded in 2016 in Milan and is the story of a success: in recent years it has raised 7.5 euros and the latest turnover is 3 million euros. It was awarded by Kpmg and obtained the Fastest growing start-up @Seeds and Chips Milano 2018.

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