Ferrari also changes the engine at the Saudi Arabia GP in Jeddah-

Ferrari also changes the engine at the Saudi Arabia GP in Jeddah-

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After the breakdown in Bahrain and the change of the control units, a prudent choice, the hope of reusing the replaced V6s, because the regulation allows three for the whole championship

Now a squeak is enough to make Leclerc jump in the passenger compartment. Is everything okay with the engine? he asked yesterday. normal when fighting an invisible enemy. The first Ferrari's opponent is reliability: in theory it should have been put under control with months of stress tests on the Maranello benches. But after the failure of two control units in Bahrain, the switch to third here which resulted in a ten-place penalty to be served on tomorrow's grid, the Monegasque's car was fitted withi a new V6 and a new Mgu-h (the electric unit that recovers energy from the turbo). There is frenetic activity in the spare parts warehouse: fresh six cylinders as well for Carlos Sainz. According to the official version, these are substitutions dictated by the utmost prudence. Because Sakhir's breakdown was too strange to take any more chances. According to other reconstructions, the reason could be due to other problems in the engine area. The two units will be examined after the Australian GP (April 2), and it is hoped that they can be reused, because the blanket, in the second race, is already very short: the regulation allows the use of three engines for the entire championshipAt this moment - explains Laurent Mekies - we have to use the utmost caution, to ride as much as possible in search of performance. But there are no ghosts. Maybe, but in free practice the Ferrari was very buttoned up, with deflated mapping, it still seemed like a test. With new parts to test and work on the wheelbase.

This is the only way to explain Charles's ninth time and Carlos' tenth, if they were true we would have to tremble. In the garage they are convinced they can fight for the high places today (with the Spanish, the Monegasque will be relegated), and they feel reassured by the indications on the pace, close to that of Alonso's Aston Martin. No longer a surprise. Someone who has breakfast with petrol in the morning jokes the engineer Luca Furbatto, one of the minds behind the Frecciaverde. To chase the usual Verstappen there is a compact group, the track on the Red Sea favors short distances, the Alpine is also reviewed. Hamilton's Mercedes sinks, without Angela Cullen at his side. The handyman physiotherapist (she also prepared his clothes) who had followed him for seven years. Abrupt and mysterious separation that social acknowledgments do not clarify. Listening to Toto Wolff, it would seem like a top-down decision: No fixed organization, if things don't work, you have to change.

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