Father's Day, Meloni: irreplaceable figure. Vendola: St. Joseph was not the biological father

Father's Day, Meloni: irreplaceable figure.  Vendola: St. Joseph was not the biological father

All for Father's Day, each with a different meaning. The anniversary of St. Joseph becomes an opportunity for Italian politics to position itself, measure distances, even argue, more or less explicitly, on the procreation of homosexual couples.

Giorgia Meloni she posts a photo of herself contemplating a portrait with her partner on her Facebook account Andrew Giambruno and the daughter Geneva and comments: "To the sacrifices you make to give your children the best, to how you know how to become children again when you play with them, to the strong and reassuring gaze that you keep even when life puts you in front of difficult trials. For this, and for much, much more, best wishes to all the fathers. And to Andrea, so wonderful with our Geneva. You are - concludes the prime minister - an irreplaceable wealth".

Vendola: more Herod than St. Joseph

"No one touches Father's Day," he writes for his part Nichi Vendola, former leader of Sinistra, Ecologia e Libertà, with her partner father of a child via surrogacy. "Today, March 19 is Father's Day", he says in a post on social media, "this occasion was also used to make a controversy against rainbow families, to say that there are dads in Serie A and dads in Serie B. It is curious to remember that today is St. Joseph, who is the symbol, is the icon of fatherhood. Too bad that St. Joseph was not the biological father of his son, he was a social father, a father of soul, a spiritual father. I don't I know if St. Joseph is among the references of Christianity exhibited by the right, seeing the current controversies I would say that Herod is more of a reference for this right, perhaps ask the minister Sangiuliano. a day like this, and best wishes, best wishes to all the dads in the world".

Rampelli: best wishes to the fathers who know they cannot be without a mother

Silvio Berlusconi he limits himself to a nostalgic post, complete with a black and white photo in his father's arms: "Best wishes to all Dads. To those who work and are committed to giving a better future to their children and also to those who are not there more, like mine, which taught me to always have the sun in my pocket and know how to give it to others".

Fabio Rampelli, from Fratelli d'Italia, fresh from the controversy over homoparental couples, publishes a post in which he sends "best wishes to all dads aware that they cannot be without a mother". Statement, he concludes, "far from trivial these days because there are those who have mistaken people for objects or animals or tree species and children for smurfs, speaking of soft toys... Best wishes to all dads aware that they cannot being without a mother, to those who, unable to have children because they love another man, keep their desire to themselves and do not make selfish choices to the detriment of the women whose egg they buy and rent the uterus for nine months and of the children , destined to grow up in a tormented life, simply because they would like to have a mother, as nature foresees.A man who knows how to stay in his place, who teaches carefree joy and bitter renunciation, who blocks the way to shortcuts when they contrast with the the common good, who always defends children and their right to a peaceful and natural childhood, is already a father. Because he behaves like a father. Best wishes - concludes the exponent of the premier's party - to all the fathers of the world and to u minis who act like fathers".

He intervenes for the Five Star Movement Mariolina Castellone (M5S), vice president of the Senate, who wrote on Twitter: "Best wishes to all dads. To the biological ones and to those who have chosen to be so in a different way. To those who know how to be a guide for their children and to those who still can't do it but he's learning to grow up with his children."

Cardinal Ravasi: Saint Joseph legal father of Jesus

Sunglasses and hand in pocket, Joseph Conte he shows himself with his son on a motorcycle: "Among the many moments lived with particular intensity, those shared with the children go right into the most beautiful drawer of memories. It is never easy to raise a child, but it is a continuous emotion try to grow with him and for him,” she writes. "Best wishes to all dads".

Self Matthew Salvini he limits himself to publishing a selfie with his daughter, "Best wishes to all the dads in the world", writes the former senator of the League Simone Pillon he does not miss the opportunity to argue: "Happy Saint Joseph's Day, patron saint of #dads. In times of ferocious feminism, of excluded fathers, in times of parent 1 and 2, of people who claim to buy their children on the internet and using women as incubators, I'd like to send my best wishes to the heroic real dads."

The cardinal does not enter the political debate Gianfranco Ravasiwho dedicates an "exegetical" tweet to the figure and role of St. Joseph: "On March 19 we celebrate St. Joseph", writes the cardinal, "the legal father of Jesus. He bore a glorious name in the Bible but with an etymological meaning at first modest view, connected to the Hebrew verb "to add": he "added" himself to the event that Mary was experiencing, offering his availability".

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