Farewell to Maria Giovanna Maglie, a temper with a free spirit

Farewell to Maria Giovanna Maglie, a temper with a free spirit

Cultured and contrarian, she was at ease in television trash, where lies the popularity she sought with all her somewhat theatrical megalomania. She was often right and she was just as often and vainly wrong

Maria Giovanna Maglie was a difficult woman who "disappeared". She cut bridges as generously as she built them.

Venetian by birth and very Roman by adoption, her apprenticeship at the Unit as a correspondent in Latin America, correspondent for TG2 in the golden and stormy years, important years also for the Foglio, finally magnificent books such as the "unauthorized" biography of Oriana Fallaci and Israel and America always pinned to the chest, like the stars of a Soviet general.

His writing was clean and popular, refined but never affected. And a vain femininity with which she had covered the chauvinistic (even when one says "progressive") Italian journalism, showing the claws of that smiling virility of which only she was capable.

He never lost his sense of humor and had a hearty laugh that was contagious. Cultured and contrarian, she was at ease in the television trash, where lies that popularity she sought with all the megalomania of her slightly theatrical.

He had been battling severe heart problems for a year. He was often on the right side and just as often and vainly put himself on the wrong side.

Pure instinct, he had immediately made her understand that this is the time of populism and she had thrown herself into it, while retaining that freedom of spirit and that temper that had led her to break off more than one relationship.

Generous to those she loved and esteemed, Maria Giovanna paved the way, but always with a smart smile. She will be missed by those who loved her, read her and listened to her.

  • Giulio Meotti

  • Giulio Meotti has been a journalist for «Il Foglio» since 2003. He is the author of numerous books, including We will not stop dancing. The untold stories of the martyrs of Israel (Capalbio Prize); They killed Charlie Hebdo; The end of Europe (Capri Prize); Israel. The last European state; The suicide of Western culture; God's Tomb; Notre Dame burns; The Last Pope of the West? and Europe without Jews.

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