Enrollments for the new masters of the Italian Tech Academy are underway

Enrollments for the new masters of the Italian Tech Academy are underway

All the courses of the first session of the Italian Tech Academy have not finished yet and registrations for the spring session have already begun.

Italian Tech Academy offers highly specialized training on the digital skills most in demand on the job market. Analyzing the gaps present on the labor market, it is expanding its training offer to respond to the new needs of the market. Registration for the spring session is already starting.

The part-time Master in Business Innovation will be proposed for the second edition in May 2023. During the course, you will learn how to support companies in the digital transformation process, helping them to start a growth path in the context of the digital economy.

The Part Time Master in Content Strategy is instead in its third edition and offers an opportunity for those who wish to improve their content creation skills and acquire advanced skills in the field of content marketing.

The second edition of the Master Part Time in Digital Sustainability Management addresses two of the most pressing challenges of our time: digitization and sustainability. Two ever-evolving forces that are changing the way businesses operate and create value. This course explores how to align digital strategy with sustainability goals and how to take advantage of the opportunities this alignment can create. Students learn how to incorporate sustainability into their digital strategy and how to use digital technologies to support long-term sustainability goals, ready to become leaders in creating sustainable digital strategies and lead their companies towards a more sustainable future. This master's program will start in the autumn (from 14 October 2023 to 16 December 2023), but enrollments are already open.

The lessons of the previous sessions of the part-time Masters in Content Strategy and Digital Sustainability Management have just finished. The courses concluded in dialogue with the director of the Academy, Riccardo Luna, with a profound reflection on the role of digital professionals as agents of change in this highly complex context. The results of the project work activities on practical and real cases were then presented and discussed with the partner companies.

Still ongoing is the Coding Bootcamp, in partnership with Edgemony, which will end in April with a period dedicated to job search support for students who have just trained in front-end and back-end programming skills.

Here are the details of the courses.

Business Innovation - Part Time Master

At your place: from 20 May to 15 July 2023

The Business Innovation Master - part-time, lasting 9 weeks, will take place in a blended format with 4 modules in live streaming, and 2 days on campus (Talent Garden in Milan), and will allow you to acquire the foundations of business innovation , Design, Data Analytics and Agile methodology essential to ferry people and organizations through Digital Transformation, and develop a digital transformation strategy optimized for different business models. THE

Costs: €2,200 including VAT

Registrations here

Content Strategy - Part Time Master

at your place: from 20 May to 15 July 2023

The course, lasting 9 weeks in a blended format, is designed to provide participants with an in-depth knowledge of web content production techniques and strategies for reaching their audience in a clear and effective way. Furthermore, the course is open to different categories of participants, such as freelancers, recent graduates and professionals, which helps to create a dynamic and diverse learning environment. The program is focused on acquiring skills and integrating up-to-date tools and languages ​​for creating valuable content. These skills can prove extremely useful for those looking to build their online presence or grow their digital marketing businesses.

Costs: €2,400 including VAT

Registrations here

For information on courses and how to register, go here

Furthermore, Italian Tech Academy has stipulated the "Loan for Merit" formula with Intesa Sanpaolo, an agreement to offer students enrolled in the Masters a personal loan service at favorable conditions.

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