"Enough, it's dripping" - Corriere.it

"Enough, it's dripping" - Corriere.it

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Massimiliano Allegri, after the defeat of Juventus in Empoli, vented on the penalty imposed by the Court of Appeal

A resounding thud. Between the courts and the pitch, Juve collapsed from second to seventh place in the space of an hour. We are living in a surreal situation. a dripping, a lack of respect for those who work Max Allegri blurts out, shaken after a sad evening. Let's decide what position in the standings we have to stay in and that's it. We have to tighten up, there are two games left, there are still six points up for grabs, he adds with his head down. On a psychological level, it's a hallucinating condition and we've been playing in this climate since January. The mental breakdown was understandable.
The boys were already tested after the elimination against Sevilla and on Thursday they were empty in training. Now with Milan it will be more difficult than ever. Max doesn't blame players. We had an understandable mental breakdown. The boys did their best, it will be ten tough days. Then on the future: I have to talk to the club and understand what we are playing for next season. Then it's off from there. If we're out of everything, we need to say things clearly as they are: it will be impossible to win right away. Now leaving Juventus would be cowardly.

Juve penalized, the club's reaction

The Juventus club in a note let it be known that reserves the right to read the reasons for evaluating a possible appeal to the Coni Guarantee College. Disappointment and bewilderment are the sentiments that leak from the press release issued close to the defeat in Empoli. What was established by the fifth instance of judgment in this affair, which began more than a year ago, arouses great bitterness in the club and in its millions of supporters who, in the absence of clear rules, find themselves extremely penalized with the application of sanctions that do not seem to take into account the principle of proportionality". Then the conclusion. While not ignoring the need for speed, it is emphasized that these are facts that still have to be judged by the natural judge. The times of the ordinary process are still long. After the preliminary hearing on 10 May in which the Gup of Turin referred the decision on the territorial jurisdiction of the proceeding to the Cassation, the next stage is set for 26 October. Francesco Calvo, head of the sports area, does not hide his annoyance at the decision. The first impressions are negative, we are not satisfied with the penalty

The judicial troubles have not yet ended. Last Friday, the Juventus club and seven executives were referred by the federal prosecutor for salary maneuvers, suspicious partnerships with other clubs and irregular relations with agents. The hearing has been set for June 15: it remains to be seen whether the club will reach an agreement for a plea deal with the federal prosecutor before that date. Otherwise, going to trial, between appeals and appeals the times would extend beyond June 30 with the consequence that the new sanction would probably be discounted in the next championship.

Finally, the role of UEFA should not be underestimated, which has the right to exclude the Turin club from the cups for unsporting behavior and violation of the settlement agreement

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